Large Bags banned In Masjid al-Haram.

Large Bags banned In Masjid al-Haram

Large Bags banned In Masjid al-Haram. Food and beverages, except of coffee, dates, and water, Sharp instruments, Flammable liquids, luggage, Strollers are banned as well.

The Grand Mosque in Mecca has made some new rules to keep Umrah pilgrims safe and comfortable while they perform their rituals.

large bags banned in masjid al-haram

Large Bags banned In Masjid al-Haram

To enhance the safety and comfort of Umrah pilgrims, the Grand Mosque of Mecca has recently implemented new regulations.

Saif Al Salami, Supervisor of the Grand Mosque Gates Department, shared these updates, underscoring their significance in facilitating a smooth and secure journey for all pilgrims.

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Among the pivotal changes is the prohibition of specific items within the mosque premises. Al Salami clarified in his statement that any items capable of disrupting the pilgrims’ experience would be restricted.

He particularly highlighted the safety hazards posed by large travel bags, especially in crowded conditions.

The list of prohibited items is comprehensive, encompassing food and beverages other than coffee and water. These restrictions are intended to streamline the movement of pilgrims, particularly during peak periods.

Additionally, sharp objects, flammable substances, oversized bags, baskets, and walkers are banned in haram, included in the list.

sharp objects, flammable substances, oversized bags, baskets, and walkers are banned in haram

These regulations are designed to preserve the serene ambiance of the Grand Mosque and ensure a tranquil journey for pilgrims. By eliminating unnecessary distractions, authorities aim to cultivate an environment conducive to peaceful worship.

Understanding and adhering to these new rules are imperative for individuals planning to undertake the Umrah pilgrimage. Compliance not only guarantees personal safety but also contributes to the collective well-being of fellow pilgrims.

The implementation of these regulations reflects the Grand Mosque’s commitment to the safety and comfort of Umrah pilgrims. Through these measures, authorities endeavor to foster an environment where pilgrims can focus on their spiritual journey without hindrance.

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