Makkah Clock tower Museum becomes a tourist place with lots of attraction.

makkah clock tower museum

Makkah clock tower museum

The  Makkah clock tower has recently opened a Museum  in the second week of May 2019 .

The Clock Tower :

The Mecca Clock is itself a piece of attraction. Do you know that with each face measuring 43 by 43 meters, is the largest in the world and weighs some 36,000 tons ?It is 35 times the size of the cl

ock at Westminster in London, known colloquially as Big Ben.

Equipped with protection against rain, sandstorms and winds, the clock is covered by a 100-million-piece glass mosaic adorned with 24-carat gold leaf.

Quran ad

The Clock Tower is the main high-rise building in a complex of seven towers, comprising 3,000 hotel rooms and apartments.

The clock has a 128-meter-tall spire with a 23-meter golden crescent on top.

By night over two million LEDs illuminate the clock, making it legible from distances of eight kilometers.

 The clock tower museum that recently Opened in  the top 4 flour of Clock tower.

The clock tower museum has been opened to visitors to make a journey of faith through the universe starting from the beginning of Ramadan on May 6.  ( Ref : Saudi Gazette.)

The museum occupies the top four floors of the clock tower in Makkah. One of the floors is dedicated to the sun and the moon; another to time measurement and the third to the giant clock itself while the fourth is a balcony where the visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the Grand Mosque.

The museum was designed to take the visitors on a tour of the universe, which will tell them how people used to measure the time in olden days. They used the sun, the moon and the galaxies for the purpose.

makkah clock tower museum
The visitors will come to know the methods people in ancient times used to measure time through the use of the universe’s two clocks — the sun and the moon.

makkah clock tower museum

They will also be able to see the largest clock in the world, which is considered a miracle in watch making.

makkah clock tower museum

The first floor contains the Makkah clock, which was designed and manufactured jointly by a number of international watch companies. They made various components of the clock, making it the most accurate in the world in giving time.

The second floor dedicated to time measurement explains to the visitors how man in old ages was keen to know the time. Man had invented many tools and systems for time measurement through the ages. They included water and sand clocks, the pendulum and the pocket watch.

Man in the old ages closely followed the orbits of the sun and the moon to decide the dates, the direction of the Qiblah and the prayer time.

makkah clock tower museum

On the third floor of the museum, the visitors will have a treat of the sun, the moon and the earth. The visitors can see how man in the past relied on the celestial bodies to organize his life and activities. They will also come to learn how the eclipse and other solar phenomena take place in the universe.

On the fourth floor, the visitors will have a chance to deeply understand the space and the stars, and how man used them in the past to determine his destinations.

Lastly, the balcony of the clock tower will give the visitors a panoramic view of the vast Grand Mosque complex and its surroundings.

The museum is run by MISK, a non-profit organisation headed by Saudi Arabia’s powerful crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman.

Museum supervisor Yaseen al-Mleaky said the Mecca Clock has received 1,200 visitors a day, with entrance costing $40, since it opened in the second week of May.

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