February Giveaway Result.

Winner- Spencer Gooch

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Alhumdulillah this is an ongoing giveaway.Every month we choose a Persion to send them a free English translation of Quran. If you too need the book, you can request it by following the guidelines through https://islamhashtag.com/free-english-translation-of-quran/

Allah says about Quran,

Quran ad
March giveaway announcement and February 2021 result 6

” 0 men, a proof has come to you from your Lord and We have sent down to you a vivid light.(4:174)

And he says,

And We have revealed to you the Book, an exposition of everything, and guidance, and mercy, and glad tidings for the Muslims.(16:89)

May Allah help us learn and benefit from Quran.

Kindly share about this with friends and family who can benefit.

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