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Have you ever seen the inside of kaaba? From the wooden pillars supporting the roof to the golden, silver lamps, calligraphy on the walls, and the golden door, the interior of the Kaaba is a sight every Muslim must see.

  • Along the walls of the Ka’bah are plaques commemorating the work done on the Ka’bah by different rulers.
  • There is a golden ‘Bab ut-Taubah’ (Door of Repentance). This door opens to the stairway leading to the roof of the Ka’bah.
  • In the white cupboard various scents and gifts are kept. Bakhoor (fragrance) is placed on here.
  • There are three wooden pillars for additional support inside the Holy Kaaba. In it are hung the silver lamps.

The inside of the Kaaba is not accessible to the common man. If you wish to pray inside the Holy Kaaba, you can pray two Rakats inside the Hateem as it is also a part of the Holy Kaaba.

inside of kaaba
Bab ut-Taubah- the golden door of Kabah
inside of kaaba
inside of Kabah
inside of Kabah
image 6
image 9

Image Reference: Haramain (facebook)

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