beard in islam

Scientific Stand on sunnah of growing beard 


sunnah of growing beard

Muslim grow Beards on advice of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Growing beard is a sunnah

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Trim closely the moustache, and let the beard flow (Grow).”[Narrated Ibn Umar (R.A), Sahih Muslim, Hadith no. 498]
Every Sunnah and Every Quranic Veses have Some Wisdom in It which alhumdulillah are getting Scientifically approved although Slowly.It has been 1400 years since Prophet (SAW) has adviced the Muslim Men to grow Beards.Sadly We Ignore the Sunnah but when something comes from Dr and Scientists we take it gladly.

This Research was Initiated when People feared that Beard could carry Infection to the Hospital but the Result that came out was amazing and Beard need not get banned.

Scientific Stand on sunnah of growing beard :

How scientific is growing beard?

beard in islam
scientific stand on sunnah of growing beard 
Scientific Stand on sunnah of growing beard 

New Study  Supports the Facts that beards are good for Men.It revealed that

  • Beards Fights Infection
  • That Bearded Ben are less likely to harbour bacteria than the clean shaved Men.It said that clean shaven individuals are significantly more likely to be colonized with potential nosocomial pathogens
  • The researchers suggested that shaving might cause micro-abrasions in the skin “which may support bacterial colonisation and proliferation”.
  • Recent finding Suggests that a bacteria which appear to be producing a novel form of antibiotic,is found in Someone’s beard.

In this study, published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, they swabbed the faces of 408 hospital staff with and without facial hair.

They had good reasons for doing so. We know that hospital-acquired infections are a major cause of disease and death in hospitals, with many patients acquiring an infection they didn’t have when they went in. Hands, white coats, ties and equipment have all been blamed, but what about beards?

Well, the researchers were surprised to find that it was the clean-shaven staff, and not the beardies, who were more likely to be carrying something unpleasant on their faces.

The beardless group were more than three times as likely to be harbouring a species known as methicillin-resistant staph aureus on their freshly shaven cheeks. MRSA is a particularly common and troublesome source of hospital-acquired infections because it is resistant to so many of our current antibiotic

So what’s going on? The researchers suggested that shaving might cause micro-abrasions in the skin “which may support bacterial colonisation and proliferation”.Perhaps. But there was another more plausible explanation staring them in the face. That beards fight infection.


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