New Ziyarah timing for Women in Masjid Nabawi.

New Rawdah Ziyarat Timings for Women

New Rawdah Ziyarat Timings for Women

New Rawdah Ziyarat Timings for Women


The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque have unveiled new timings for women to visit the blessed Rawdah Shareef in Masjid Al Nabawi. The new schedule will be followed from tomorrow (Sunday, 17 Rajab 1440H) for a period of five days;

1st Period: From Sunrise to Dhuhr Prayer

2nd Period: After Isha Prayer until an hour before Fajr Prayer

The Agency of the Prophet’s Mosque confirms that it will follow up its plans and evaluate periodically to provide the best possible services to the visitors of the Prophet’s Mosque.

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