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Punish a Muslim day hate letters being sent to homes in UK


Punish A Muslim letters sent across UK offering points as games to attack and abuse Muslims.

The anonymous letters arrived this weekend in plain white envelopes with second-class stamps, and were sent to people in at least six communities in England.

Inside was a message so hateful that it sent out ripples of alarm and prompted a national counterterrorism investigation.

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British police have launched an investigation after letters were posted to Muslims’ homes in the UK apparently calling for them to be killed and mosques to burnt down in a day of hate, UK daily The Mirror reported.
The leaflets advertise a day in April called “Punish a Muslim” day, where people are encouraged to torture Muslims, carry out acid attacks and set fire to mosques.
The hate-filled letters promised “rewards” to people who carry out the instructions, which range from verbal abuse, pulling off hijabs and even murder.
“Pulling a Muslim women’s hijab is worth 25 points, an acid attack earns 50 points and burning or bombing a mosque will see the attacker collect 1,000 points,” the letter read.
UK police forces have begun investigating the posts, which were scattered across the Midlands, West Yorkshire, and London.
“The MPS does not tolerate any form of hate crime. If anyone believes they have been a victim of such an offense we would encourage them to report it to police so it can be fully investigated,” said a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police

Ref : Arab News 


Note : Please tell your friends and family in the UK to be careful and not to engage with anyone.

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  1. Aayan

    Now where are all so-called peace loving countries and United Nations?? Why they silent, where are their condemnation statements.