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Books to introduce one to Islam / Books to introduce one to Islam

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Books about Islam for beginners

When I was in college ,many friends use to ask me about Islam . At that point of time I was not qualified enough to explain them Islam in a manner that could help develop in them an interest to learn more. I wish that I knew about these books at that point of time so that I could have  introduced Islam to my friends in a beautiful manner .

 If you are looking for books to read /research about Islam or if you want to introduce Islam to your friend , I have compiled a list of few beneficial books that you can not go wrong with .For the Sake of Ease , I have categorized the Book recommendation for 2 types of People –

  1. For People who do not want to know about Islam
  2. For People who are interested in Islam and its Practices and for the researchers who need the final push and the courage to accept Islam .

So , Let us start with the First type . There are People like your Neighbors or your classmates who are so brain washed by the islamophobic media that they just do not like Muslims or are scared of them . To give them a taste of Islam , You can gift them some novel which do not look like a religios book but gradually explains Islam to the readers .

Quran ad

Some good books to Introduce Islam to your neighbors an friends –

1.The muslim next door

books to introduce islam

The Muslim Next Door offers easy-to-understand yet academically sound answers to these questions while also dispelling commonly held misconceptions. Written from the point of view of an American Muslim, the book addresses what readers in the Western world are most curious about, beginning with the basics of Islam and how Muslims practice their religion before easing into more complicated issues like jihad, Islamic fundamentalism, and the status of women in Islam. Author Sumbul Ali-Karamali’s vivid anecdotes about growing up Muslim and female in the West, along with her sensitive, scholarly overview of Islam, combine for a uniquely insightful look at the world’s fastest growing religion. get this book

2. If the Oceans were Ink -When A Madrassa Scholar And Jewish Reporter Become Friends


If the Oceans Were Ink is Carla Power’s eye-opening story of how she and her longtime friend Sheikh Mohammad Akram Nadwi found a way to confront ugly stereotypes and persistent misperceptions that were cleaving their communities. Their friendship-between a secular American and a madrasa-trained sheikh-had always seemed unlikely, but now they were frustrated and bewildered by the battles being fought in their names. Both knew that a close look at the Quran would reveal a faith that preached peace and not mass murder; respect for women and not oppression. And so they embarked on a yearlong journey through the controversial text.

Carla Power writes her experience in her Book “If the Oceans Were Ink” .She gives details of her year with sheikh Akram and how the Quran provided her with many moments of grace. “I found comfort in how small I felt reading the text, as when I considered the images of the ‘lord of  the heavens and the earth and everything in between, and Lord of all points of the sunrise.’  She says that even as a nonbeliever, I still find myself taking refuge in the Quran classes as a clam inlet from daily life.” Read full book review here or order this book online.

3.Don’t Be sad:

don't be sad -islamic books

Don’t Be Sad is an absolute must-read for all people. It is full of practical advice on how to replace sadness with a pragmatic and ultimately satisfying Islamic outlook on life. It exposes to the modern reader how Islam teaches us to deal with the tests and tribulations of this world. You can read it online or get one from Amazon.  If electronic media greatly distracts you as it distracts me you can consider having the book in your book shelf and assign a reading time for yourself .These are books that greatly beneits.

4.Muhammad: How He Can Make You Extraordinary

muhammad: how he can make you extraordinary

In this book the author brings about the lessons that one can derive from the life of the Prophet and apply them in the 21st century. The first half of the book is aimed towards parents and guardians; where suggestions are given on how to provide a good environment for the proper growth of a child, based on the Prophet’s own childhood. The rest of the book is directed to teenagers and adults and what they can learn from the later parts of the Prophet’s life. The language is very simple and uncomplicated.

Other Books :

  1. Islamophobic Industry- A political Strategy
  2. Good Muslims and Bad Muslims
  3. The Myth of Muslim Tide
  4. The New Confession of an Economic hit Man

Books for People who are interested in Islam and want to learn more

The Below recommendation is for People who are curious to know What Islam is and for the people who are interested in knowing about the wisdom behind the religious Practices of Muslims .

5. Abdel Halem translation of Quran

free abdel halem quran

When we ask our friends to read a translation of quran to learn more ,they try but the book ends up in resting in their bookshelf instead of entering their heart.Sometimes this is because that some translations are really complex .Our teachers stress on the facts that you need a teacher to understand the quran and if you do not get the message the first time just do not give up.Before you read Quran I advise you that you close your eyes for a moment and tell yourself that this book I am going to read is a book of guidance , “O God let me understand it.” If you do not understand english, you can pick up any translation of Quran . If you understand even the basic english I highly recommend that you read this book which is written in a very simple english that even school children can understand it.The best part of this book is that it gives you the background of the verses which are very useful.You can check some sample pages here and get it from amazon.

6.Prophet’s biography

hadeeth on the simplicity of prophet muhammad

Another book that you must read is the biography of our dear Prophet . The Sealed Nector is a complete authoritative book on the life of Prophet Muhammad (S) by Sheikh Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarkpuri. It was honored by the World Muslim League as first prize winner book. Whoever wants to know the whole life style of the Prophet in detail must read this book.Muhammad (S) is the Messenger of Allah, and those who are with him, are severe against the disbelievers, and merciful among themselves. You can get it here in discount

7.Riyadh as saliheen- Book on Hadith

islamic books reading list

Riydh as Saliheen is a great book to learn Islamic manners and etiquette . You can read a detail review of this book here and if you want toget this book you can order it from Online bookstores.

8.History of Islam

books islam history

If you want to do deeper research on Islam ,you may consider reading this book . This is one of the advance book written in a very simple english . It takes you back to the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW ,the battles fought and the growth of Islamic civilization.Get it from Amazon

9.New Muslim Guide


If you do not want to go into much detail and want a simple book that describes you the tenets of Islamic faith ,the Dos and Dont’s and simple instructions on how to Pray, how to fast , what is zakat , how is hajj done  etc , Read this book . It is a brilliant book and I got it for myself so that I can read it to kids and brush up my facts . full with pictures and illustrations , this book is a definite recommend . If you want to read a detail book review of this book , you can read here and you can even purchase this book online


10.Key Themes for the Study of Islam

books to learn islam

Key Themes for the Study of Islam examines the central themes and concepts indispensable to an informed understanding of Islamic religion and society. This book will become the first choice for students and experts in religion from disparate fields who wish to know how Islam relates to vital concepts in religion and society today. Get this book online

11.No God but God by Reza Aslan

book to introduce islam

In this book, No God but God , internationally acclaimed scholar Reza Aslan explains Islam—the origins and evolution of the faith—in all its beauty and complexityThis updated edition addresses the events of the past decade, analyzing how they have influenced Islam’s position in modern culture. Aslan explores what the popular demonstrations pushing for democracy in the Middle East mean for the future of Islam in the region, how the Internet and social media have affected Islam’s evolution, and how the war on terror has altered the geopolitical balance of power in the Middle East. He also provides an update on the contemporary Muslim women’s movement, a discussion of the controversy over veiling in Europe, an in-depth history of Jihadism, and a look at how Muslims living in North America and Europe are changing the face of Islam.

you can order this book online 

12.Even Angels Ask: A Journey to Islam in America

books to learn islam

In this book , drawing on his personal experiences as a Muslim, Professor Lang discusses conflicts between faith and reason, obstacles in converting to Islam, extremism within some Muslim communities and future outlook for American Muslims. you can get this book online

13.Muslims and the Making of America

books to introduce islam

Memories of 9/11 and the rise of global terrorism fuel concerns about American Muslims. The fear of American Muslims in part stems from the stereotype that all followers of Islam are violent extremists who want to overturn the American way of life. Inherent to this stereotype is the popular misconception that Islam is a new religion to America.

In Muslims and the Making of America Hussain directly addresses both of these stereotypes. Far from undermining America, Islam and American Muslims have been, and continue to be, important threads in the fabric of American life. Hussain chronicles the history of Islam in America to underscore the valuable cultural influence of Muslims on American life. He then rivets attention on music, sports, and culture as key areas in which Muslims have shaped and transformed American identity. America, Hussain concludes, would not exist as it does today without the essential contributions made by its Muslim citizens. You can get this book here

books about islam for beginners

14.I Speak for Myself: American Women on Being Muslim

books to introduce islam

Muslim American women are the subject of endless discussions regarding their role in society, their veils as symbols of oppression or of freedom, their identity, their patriotism, their womanhood. Yet the voices and life experiences of Muslim American women themselves are rarely heard in the loud rhetoric surrounding the question of Muslims in America. Finally, in I Speak for Myself, 40 American women under the age of 40, share their experiences of their lives as Muslim women in America. While their commonality is faith and citizenship, their voices and their messages are very different.

Readers of I Speak for Myself are presented with a kaleidoscope of stories, artfully woven together around the central idea of limitlessness and individuality. A common theme linking these intimate self-portraits will be the way each woman uniquely defies labeling, simply by defining for herself what it means to be American and Muslim and female. Each personal story is a contribution to the larger narrative of life stories and life work of a new generation of Muslim women.

In the wake of the current rising tide of Islamophobia , I Speak for Myself is a must read for Americans seeking understanding of Islam from young women who were all born in the USA. You can get this book here

15.All-American: 45 American Men on Being Muslim (I SPEAK FOR MYSELF)

books to introduce islam

Follow up work to White Cloud’s successful and highly acclaimed May 2011 book I Speak For Myself: American Women on Being Muslim. With this second book in the I Speak For Myself series, American Muslim men speak out on their lives and how their Muslim beliefs play out in private and on the public stage. Contributors include high profile figures in the American Muslim community, representing a new generation that is making a profound impact inside and outside the Muslim world. get this book

16.Islam an introduction by Tariq Ramadan

books to introduce islam

From Key concepts of the perception of “salam” to jihad of the soul, Islam: An Introduction journeys through some of the most fundamental concerns of spirituality and practice of one of the world’s most fascinating and misunderstood religions, offering a succinct response to complex ideas with expert navigation and sensitivity. Order this book online

17.A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam

book to introduce islam

This introductory book on Islam serves as a good da’wah tool, explaining some of the fundamentals of Islam, as well signifying verses of the Qur’an and how they relate to science and the world around us. This Islamic guide is for non-Muslims who would like to understand Islam, Muslims (Moslems), and the Holy Quran (Koran). It is rich in information, references, bibliography, and illustrations. It has been reviewed and edited by many professors and well-educated people.

This book is specifically written for non-Muslims to help them better understand Islam. Some of the topics in this book are: – Evidence that Islam is a true religion. – Proofs that the Qur’an is the literal word of God. – Scientific miracles in the Qur’an with scientific illustrations. – Why Muhammad is truly a prophet sent by God? – Some benefits of Islam. – General information on Islam. – Pillars of faith. – Correction of some misconceptions about Islam. – The status of women in Islam. – What Islam says about terrorism. Features of the book . Order this book online

18 Al-Ghazali’s Forty Principles of the Religion- (If interested in Philosophy and Spirituality)

books to introduce islam

The Forty Principles of the Religion is a comprehensive distillation of Imam al-Ghazali’s magnum opus, Ihya Ulum ad-Din (The Revival of the Religious Sciences), in which he explores the spiritual depth of virtually every aspect of Islam.

This condensed work presents Imam al-Ghazali’s profound insights regarding man’s lifelong struggle to draw closer to Allah in a simple framework, providing the reader with a step-by-step tried and proven method for spiritual development. Order this book online

19.Islam My Choice : Fascinating Conversion Stories of New Muslims

books to introduce islam

The book has been compiled in order to inform fellow Muslims, non Muslims and seeking true path about the thought process which led these pious people towards submission of their will to their creator. Order this book online

 20.The Cross & The Crescent by Jerald F. Dirks

books new muslim

“In The Cross and The Crescent, Dr. Dirks, a former ordained minister (deacon) in the United Methodist Church, a graduate of Harvard Divinity School and with a doctorate in clinical psychology, reaches out to the Christians and the Muslims for an interfaith dialogue. Drawing on his seminary education and thirty years of interaction with Muslims in America and overseas, the author digs deep into the roots of Christianity to bring out obscure information that highlights what was once common between Christianity and Islam. He envisioned that, “In writing this book, I would like to touch the lives of those Christians who have not been given the knowledge that I have gained both about Islam, from my direct contact with Muslims, and about Christianity from my seminary education. I want to share with those Christians, who are willing to listen, what is so often known by their clergy and church leaders, but seldom finds its way into their knowledge of their own religion. Likewise, I would like to reach out to the Muslims, in order to help them understand the religious commonality that they share with Christians”. Get this book here

21.The History of Terrorism: From Antiquity to al Qæda

islam books

This authoritative work provides an essential perspective on terrorism by offering a rare opportunity for analysis and reflection at a time of ongoing violence, chilling threats, and renewed reprisals. In it, some of the best international specialists working on the subject today examine terrorism’s long and complex history from antiquity to the present day and find that terror, long the weapon of the weak against the strong, is a tactic as old as warfare itself. Beginning with the Zealots of Antiquity, the contributors discuss the Assassins of the Middle Ages, the 1789 Terror movement in Europe, Bolshevik terrorism during the Russian Revolution, Stalinism, “resistance” terrorism during World War II, and Latin American revolutionary movements of the late 1960s. Finally, they consider the emergence of modern transnational terrorism, focusing on the roots of Islamic terrorism, al Qaeda, and the rise of the contemporary suicide martyr. Along the way, they provide a groundbreaking analysis of how terrorism has been perceived throughout history. What becomes powerfully clear is that only through deeper understanding can we fully grasp the present dangers of a phenomenon whose repercussions are far from over. Get it here

22. The History of The Qur’anic Text: From Revelation to Compilation: A Comparative Study with the Old and New Testaments

books islam

The Qur’an reigns supreme in Muslim hearts as the most sacred of texts: a profusion of exalted ideas to rouse the mind, noble histories to stir the soul, universal truths to awaken the conscience and precise injunctions directing humanity to its own deliverance, all distilled into the melodious essence that is the Word of Allah. Through fourteen centuries Muslims have persevered in championing the text against corruption, memorising its every word and contemplating its every phrase, so that in our own times untold millions have enthusiastially committed each letter to heart. Beginning with a catalogue of ancient and contemporary attacks on the Qur’an, this expansive book provides unique insights into the holy text’s immaculate preservation throughout its history, as well as exploring many of the accusations levelled against it. The reception of divine revelations, Prophet Muhammad’s role in teaching and disseminating these verses, the text’s compilation under his guidance and the setting of its final external shape shortly after his death, are meticulously and scientifically examinded alongside such topics as the origins of Arabic, its palaeography and orthography, the so-called Mushaf of Ibn Mas’ud, and the strict methodology employed in assembling textual fragments. By way of comparison the author investigates the histories of the Old and New Testaments, relying entirely on Judaeo-Christian sources including the Dead Sea Scrolls and uncovers a startling range of alterations that touch almost every fact of the Biblical Scriptures. Using this as a springboard for assessing Western theories regarding the Qur’an, he makes a sophisticated yet passionate case for questioning the aims of Western scholarship in continuously undermining Islam’s holy book, and illustrates convincingly that such research, motivated by more than mere curiousity, has no scientific bearing on the Qur’an’s integrity. Get it from amazon

23.Misquoting Muhammad: The Challenge and Choices of Interpreting the Prophet’s Legacy

islam books

A worthwhile and important read for anyone interested in Islamic history, especially the varying methods of interpretation of scriptural sources (like the Qur’an and hadith) and historical debates pertaining thereto. Get it from Amazon

24.Refuting ISIS: A Rebuttal Of Its Religious And Ideological Foundations by Muhammad al-Yaqoubi

islam books

“The author, Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi, a renowned scholar and one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world today, presents in this invaluable book a thorough refutation of ISIS’ beliefs and crimes. Providing authentic quotes that destroy the allegations of ISIS, Shaykh Al-Yaqoubi reaches the conclusion that this group does not represent Islam, its declaration of a caliphate is invalid, and fighting it is an obligation upon Muslims.” Read review of this book 

25. The Quran: With or Against the Bible?: A Topic-by-Topic Review for the Investigative Mind

islam books

Too often we are tempted into thinking how wrong other people’s religions and scriptures are, rather than focusing on what’s right about our own. We act like some of our politicians during election campaigns rather than following the teachings of our own holy books. Breaking the trend, author Dr. Ejaz Naqvi provides an objective, and nonpolemical, topic-by-topic review of the two most read books in the world-the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran. The Quran: With or Against the Bible? addresses the key themes of the Quran and answers commonly asked questions in search of finding common ground.
Do the Quran and the Bible send conflicting messages to their followers? Is the “God of the Quran” different from the “God of the Bible”? What is the Quranic view of the prophets, especially Moses and Jesus? What does the Quran teach about interfaith relations? Do the Quran and the Bible promote peace and harmony or do they promote violence? How does the Quran compare to the Bible on important themes like worshipping God, the prophets, human rights, moral values, and fighting for justice and human dignity? Do the Quran and the Bible render women as second-class citizens?
Dispelling major myths, The Quran: With or Against the Bible? systematically analyzes and compares the similarities in the paths of guidance the two scriptures have bestowed upon mankind. This book was  Listed in “Brilliant books for your bookshelf” section of NY Times Sunday Book Review. Get it from Amazon

Discovering the City of Sodom: The Fascinating, True Account of the Discovery of the Old Testament’s Most Infamous City 

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This book is some one who upholds the principle of LGBT. Allah swt had destroyed the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. A conservative christian archeologist, steven collins claims that he has discovered such ruins and has a book on the topic.

Although I am aware that these ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah have not been widely accepted,but this book is worth reading. It is available in amazon.

The Crucifixion and the Qur’an: A Study in the History of Muslim Thought 

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According to the majority of modern Muslims and Christians, the Qur’an denies the crucifixion of Jesus, and with it, one of the most sacred beliefs of Christianity. However, it is only mentioned in one verse and contrary to popular belief, its interpretation has been the subject of fierce debate among Muslims for centuries. This innovative work is the first book devoted to the issue, delving deeply into largely ignored Arabic sources, which suggest that the origins of the denial may lie within the Christian Church. Arranged along historical lines, and covering various Muslim schools of thought, from Sunni to Sufi, The Crucifixion and the Qur’an will fascinate anyone interested in Christian-Muslim relations..It is available on amazon.

The Qur’an’s Reformation of Judaism and Christianity: Return to the Origins 

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This book explores the relationship between the Qur’an and the Jewish and Christian traditions, considering aspects of continuity and reform. The chapters examine the Qur’an’s retelling of biblical narratives, as well as its reaction to a wide array of topics that mark Late Antique religious discourse, including eschatology and ritual purity, prophetology and paganism, and heresiology and Christology.

It can be purchased from Amazon.

Hope You found the Books Useful.

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  1. Each book has the unique idea that is fundamental in the formulation of certain principles. Every believer will be able to choose the right literature for himself.

  2. We should recite Quran with translation and interpretation so that we can understand the noble knowledge of this holy book.

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