“Masli al-Masnat” Special corner for elderly women to pray in Prophet’s mosque.

Masli al-Masnat" Special corner for elderly women in Masjid al Haram and Prophet's mosque

The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque allocates has designated a special corner for elderly women to pray. It is called “Masli al-Masnat”(prayer place for elderly women).

The management of Haramain Sharif has allocated a place for prayer in Masjid al-Haram called ‘Masli al-Masnat’ (prayer place for elderly women) for the convenience of elderly female pilgrims.

“Masli al-Masnat” Special corner for elderly women to pray in Prophet’s mosque.

The women’s mosque is on the ground floor of the King Fahd extension building. Its purpose is to save elderly women pilgrims from the problems of crowding so that they can perform worship with peace and harmony.

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 Masli al-Masnat is located on the ground floor, next to Gate (88), and inside the chapel it provides all the services that the elderly need.

special corner for elderly women to pray in prophet's mosque.

Dr. Abeer bint Muhammad Al-Juffair, explained that  the opening of a chapel dedicated to elderly women in the Grand Mosque comes in order to comfort women who go to the Sacred House and make it easier for them to perform their worship

During the launch, meals, Zamzam water, Qurans, and winter clothing were provided to those visiting the prayer area.

It also confirmed that the agency investing in artificial intelligence techniques, digitizing programs, and harnessing electronic applications in various fields to serve the destinations, and addressing them in international languages ​​to facilitate their rituals and enrich their experience.\

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