A List of Organisations to Donate to Syria

A List of Reliable Organisation to Donate to Syria We are now witnessing one of the most horrific and deadly chapters of the six year conflict in Syria. A suspected chemical attack has killed over 100 men, women and children, with over 800 critically injured and in desperate need of medical attention.The death toll is expected to rise dramatically over coming days while the suffering continues. You will be astonished to Know that According to UNHCR and OCHA, there…

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Suicide letter of a Syrian Woman.

The Suicide letter of the Syrian Woman. The condition of People in Syria is so heartbreaking. I feel my heart pained whe I go through the devastating videos of the children trapped in the debris of bombing,the mother crying for their lost children and the People living in the street in cold winter night without food,water and basic amenities. Today when I read  this letter by a Syrian Woman…

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6 Ways in which you can help Aleppo

Crying for Syria is not Enough.It is time to take Action The Pictures and Videos coming from Aleppo is overwhelming .Some 400,000 Syrians have been killed by their own government. People are starving with  no acess to food,water,fuel and basic medical supplies.Men are being robbed,Women are raped and children are being killed.Hospitals and schools have been shown no mercy. Aid workers are being shot in their attempt to evacuate…

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Madaya :Ask Someone to Bomb us and Forget About Us

People in Madaya have Resorted to Wishing that they were Dead "A man will pass by the grave of another and wish he was in the latter’s place. "It Seems that the Hadeeth of the End times is Seeming to Come true.Read about the Sad state of our Brothers and Sisters in the Besieged area of  Syria.               “My only dream is to…

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