The Dua of Adam AS

In Previous Posts we talked about the Hadeeths that encourages us to make Dua  and then We talked about the First Dua ever made . Now We move on to the Dua that Saved us all.

We read in the last post how Shaitan after disobeying Allah  made a Dua  that all he wanted from Allah was “Respite till the Day of judgement”.He wanted Respite so that he could lead the Men to hell as well . So he started working on his evil plots .It is mentioned in Surah Araf ,Verse 20-

(7:20) But Satan made an evil suggestion to both of them that he might reveal to them their shame that had remained hidden from them. He said: ‘Your Lord has forbidden you to approach this tree only to prevent you from becoming angels or immortals.’

(7:21) And he swore to them both: ‘Surely I am your sincere adviser.’

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"The Dua of Adam AS "- Power of Dua Series Part 2 6

(7:22) Thus Satan brought about their fall by deceit. And when they tasted of the tree, their shame became vislible to them, and both began to cover themselves with leaves from the Garden. Then their Lord called out to them: ‘Did I not forbid you from that tree, and did I not warn you that Satan ‘is your declared enemy?’

Shaitan succeeded in his evil plot of Making Adam AS disobey Allah. When Adam As and his wife ate the forbidden fruit and then realised that it was nothing but an evil plot of shaitan ,they cried and Repented .Allah says in Quran-

(7:23) Both cried out: ‘Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves. If You do not forgive us and do not have mercy on us, we shall surely be among the losers.

This story draws a clear line between the way of Satan and the way that befits man. Satan’s way is characterized by rebellion against God, by arrogantly persisting in that rebellion even after having been warned, and by trying to mislead the righteously disposed towards sin and disobedience. As opposed to this, the way that befits man is to resist the evil promptings of Satan and to be constantly vigilant against Satanic machinations. But, if in spite of all these precautions, a man does swerve from the course of obedience, he should turn, as soon as he realizes his fault, to God in penitence and remorse and make amends.

This is the lesson that Allah conveys to man through this anecdote. The Qur’an seeks to impress upon the opponents of the Prophet (peace be on him) that the way, they are following is the way of Satan. To become indifferent to Allah’s Guidance, to take satans among men and jinn as their protectors and to persist in disobedience despite repeated warnings, amounts to adopting a Satanic attitude.

It demonstrates that they have fallen prey to the snares of the arch-enemy and have been totally overpowered by him. This attitude will lead to their total undoing just as it led to Satan’s undoing. Anyone who has even an iota of understanding should heed and emulate the example of his fore-parents – Adam AS and Bibi Hawa – who repented and made amends after their disobedience.

dua of Adam As

The Reason Why I am narrating this story is because We have lots to learn from this Story . Both Shaitan and Adam AS committed a mistake but one was cursed forever and the other was forgiven. WHY?

We see in the story of Adam (alayhissalam), is that Adam asked for a religious, spiritual need. He begged for forgiveness acknowledging that if Allah did not have mercy upon him, there would be no hope for him. In contrast, the Dua Iblis eventually made was for a long life that lasted until the Day of Judgement. He didn’t care for what came after. The primary emphasis on the Dua of the believer is religion and spirituality; It is connecting with Allah; it is Allah’s mercy, forgiveness and blessings. Whereas the primary Dua of those who do not have that connection is of this world alone.

Those who focus on the Dunya alone without focusing on the Akhira at all will not get any share in the afterlife. Both Adam (alayhissalam) and Iblis reached out to Allah (swt), and Allah in the end actually gave them both what they wanted. And this is from the Generosity and Nobility of Allah (swt).

So,It is Very Very Important that we make the Right Dua in the Right Manner .

And What is the Best Way of Making Dua ? In Sha Allah We will talk about this next Week. Jazak Allah Khair for stopping by to Read this article .If You want to read more from us,Do not forget to Subscribe.

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