During Hajj, you see lots of individual volunteering for Hajj services, helping the pilgrims, managing the crowd, etc. It is such a noble task subhan Allah!

Do you want to know how to become the Hajj Volunteer?

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The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has introduced the Rafid_Al-Haramain initiative, aimed at enhancing the skills of employees who serve pilgrims, Umrah performers, and visitors. This initiative is in collaboration with

@uqu_edu, experts in training. For more details, visit: https://uqu.edu.sa/icrs/141317 To register as an individual, please go to: https://uq.sa/o5oJGS For training partners registration within the Ministry’s agents, please visit: https://uq.sa/kr0xAt

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Become Volunteer for Hajj through Rafid_Al-Haramain initiative. 8
Volunteer for Hajj through Rafid_Al-Haramain initiative

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is honored to serve the Two Holy Mosques and their visitors where it welcomes millions of pilgrims annually from all over the world, along with citizens and residents of the Kingdom, to perform the unique rites of Hajj and Umrah with ease and convenience.

“Mubaradah Rafid Al Haramayn initiative undertakes training for workers in serving pilgrims, Umrah performers, and visitors coming to the Holy Haramain from both inside and outside the Kingdom to ensure high-quality services, social skills, and professionalism.

“”It helps distinguish the services of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in serving the guests of the Most Merciful, as well as assisting the guests of the Most Merciful in obtaining a unique and unforgettable religious experience.”

Rafid_Al-Haramain initiative- مباردة رافد الهرمين

Become Volunteer for Hajj through Rafid_Al-Haramain initiative

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