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Why Millions Are Saying ‘All Eyes On Rafah’

Nearly 45 million Instagram users—including celebrities like Bella Hadid and Nicola Coughlan—have shared an AI-generated image depicting tent camps for displaced Palestinians and a slogan that reads “all eyes on Rafah,” according to a Wednesday afternoon count by Instagram. 

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Why Millions Are Saying 'All Eyes On Rafah'? 9

The sharing of the post comes amid criticism from the international community regarding Rafah, which rests on the southern Gaza Strip near the Egyptian border, and has been the subject of intense bombing by Israeli troops. Military strikes set shelters on fire, causing Palestinians to dig through charred remains hoping to rescue survivors. At least 45 Palestinians have been killed thus far. Rafah was previously deemed a humanitarian zone for civilians. 

‘All Eyes On Rafah’ Hashtag

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Why Millions Are Saying 'All Eyes On Rafah'? 10
  1. #AllEyesOnRafah is a social media hashtag used to raise awareness about the situation in Rafah, a city in the Gaza Strip.
  2. The hashtag may be associated with events, protests, or news related to Rafah.
  3. Users may share personal stories, images, or videos using the hashtag to highlight issues in Rafah.
  4. Following the hashtag can provide real-time updates and perspectives on developments in Rafah.
  5. Engaging with posts under #AllEyesOnRafah can help amplify voices and support causes related to the region.
  6. It’s important to verify information from reliable sources when following discussions around the hashtag.

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