Andrew Tate accepts Islam: According to Social media reports, Andrew Tate has accepted Islam. . Andrew Tate is a popular Kickboxer who is known for his controversial personality. He was born in the United States and holds British and American citizenship, has won several world titles as a professional fighter and is a commentator for an MMA promotion in Romania called Real Xtreme Fighting.

Recently, Tate was reportedly spotted in Dubai with former MMA fighter Tam Khan. In a video that made its way onto social media, Khan appeared to be teaching Tate about Salah, or Prayer, one of the five core pillars of Islam.

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The most googled man, Andrew Tate accepts Islam. 10

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In the video Khan, who is Muslim, is wearing a black Islamic prayer robe while Tate is dressed in what appears to be a satin suit. Tam Khan opens up about Andrew Tate’s Controversial Personality and says-

Muslims please have sabr. Don’t be so harsh. We all make mistakes and we all deliver our speech sometimes incorrectly. I personally know Andrew & mashallah his love for Islam is genunine & it’s real. No PR stunts. He is one of us. I understand the sisters concerns also and yes

The most googled man, Andrew Tate accepts Islam. 11

Tate in his post encouraged Christians who “believe in good” to convert to Islam as well. He preached:

“This is why I’m Muslim. Any Christian who believes in good and understands the true battle against evil must convert.”

The most googled man, Andrew Tate accepts Islam. 12
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