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Every year we make lots of goal for Ramadan . Only few of us succeed in carrying the plans till the end of Ramadan. By the time we reach 10- 15 Ramadan our motivation to do better begins to fade . Old habits of indulging on TV shows and social media creep back in . We forget to do our Dhikr , We get so engaged in cooking and attending Iftars that we sometime forget to read our Dua .

Even the best, most self-disciplined people struggle with their ‘Nafs’ . It is OK to fall but it is not OK  not to stand and run again after falling . Brother Usman Razaq has developed an app which can help us push our self to do more ibadah in Ramadan . The App is called ” Build your deeds. It is available in google play and itunes.

I downloaded the app yesterday. The features are amazing Masha Allah . It is like a small motivating friend who inspires you to be consistent in your ibadah. With this App you can set a time for your ibadah and the App will send you notification when you want . There is a “Task record ” page which shows a history of the relevant task which displays how often you did the task. With this App you can –

1.Set your Ibadah Schedule , get reminded for it and check your Progress .

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Build your Deeds App reminds you to be consistent in your Ibadah - Great App for Ramadan. 20

2.When a notification arrives, you can click on it and say “I’ve done this!” to mark the task as done. The task will then start again the next day and time it is supposed to be done, ensuring you are notified so you can perform deeds regularly.

build your deeds

3.Remind Yourself to Read Dhikr by setting up reminder .dua

Build your Deeds App reminds you to be consistent in your Ibadah - Great App for Ramadan. 21

4.Reminds yourself  to read Surah Mulk and Surah Waqiah before sleeping

build your deeds

5.Remind yourself  to read Surah Kahf in Friday . There are Other recommended Surah in the list and you can set reminder accordingly .

build your deeds

6.There is also a section with Ramadhan specific tasks like reminders to read the three Ashara Duas, Laylatul Qadr Dua on the odd nights of the third Ashara among others. Set your Ramadhan start date and the number of days Ramadhan lasts for to receive notifications for the correct dates for the enabled tasks. Duas are presented in Arabic with English translation, so can be read from the notification.

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The Developer of the App promises that there will be lots more features and improvements being released to the app in the future, like sunnah acts for Eid, automatic updates of salah times, ability to share completed tasks on social media, new tasks being regularly added and more.

So If you are struggling at being consistent or if you need a faithful friend to remind you to do good deed , Do Download and Use this App .

You can download it FREE from  google playstore and itunes .


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