Useful articles on Ramadan

Some Q&A on Ramadan:

How many days is Ramadan?

Ramadan is 30 days but it can be 29 days depending on sighting of the moon.

Can Muslims drink water during Ramadan?

No, Muslims can’t drink water while they are fasting.

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How long do you fast for Ramadan?

Muslims fast from Fajr to Maghrib ; i.e from sunrise to sunset.

What can you eat during Ramadan?

While fasting you cannot eator drink anything but at sunset when you hear the maghrib adhan or if you don’t but know that sun has set, you can eat absolutely anything you wish. You can eat whatever you want till sunrise.

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Useful articles on Ramadan

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How is Ramadan fast different ?

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Recommended Videos on Ramadan

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Some Printable Planners on Ramdan

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Some Quizzes

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Some Books

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Recommended Reading list for Ramadan for an average Muslim

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