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Do you know that Canada recognise October as Islamic History month? October 2022 is the 15th anniversary of the proclamation of October as Canadian Islamic History Month.

Minister Hussen on Canadian Islamic History Month said that “Canada is the country it is because of its people and Muslim Canadians have greatly contributed to the overall success of our society. From science to business, academia to the arts and everything in between, Muslim Canadians have helped shape the modern-day Canada that we all know today. These diverse communities have an array of rich traditions and share a deep history from which we can all learn.

As we celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Canadians, we must also recognize that Islamophobia and hate crimes against members of their communities are an unacceptable reality. We will continue to stand with them in the face of hate. We remain committed to appointing the first-ever Special Representative on Combatting Islamophobia.

In October, I encourage all Canadians to join in on local events that highlight the history of Muslim Canadian communities. Together, let us continue to strive toward building a country that is even more welcoming and inclusive, where everyone has a chance to succeed. Happy Canadian Islamic History Month!”

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Canada recognises October as Islamic History month. 11

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Canada recognises October as Islamic History month. 12

Theme 2022 of Islamic History month: ‘Multicultural Flavours of Muslim Cuisine’.

The month of October is Islamic Heritage Month in Canada. Established by the Canadian Government in 2007, Islamic Heritage Month provides an opportunity to learn and honour the rich history of Islam, and contributions of Muslims in Canada.


The theme this year is the Islam’s contribution to the culinary arts.  Muslims have a rich tradition on how food is eaten and how we must be thankful.

Canada recognises October as Islamic History month. 13

The objectives are to share the culinary contributions of Muslims to health, wellness, social peace and societal harmony.

To paraphrase the essence of Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ Hadith: “There are blessings and abundance in sharing of food” and “A Muslim is not one who sleeps with a full stomach, while their neighbours sleep hungry. The following are some ideas around which you can organize and celebrate IHMC 2022:

• Share the diversity of Muslim cuisine by organizing a Food Fest in collaboration with local Muslim businesses.

• Gather donation of non-perishables healthy food items within the community for food banks. Organize food packages for distribution.

• Public education on the Halal diet. Share knowledge of the ethics and etiquettes of food preparation and consumption.

• Showcase culture of hospitality and sharing, rights of guest and neighbours.

• Talks on the benefits of the fruits and honey mentioned in the Qur’an.

• Gather multicultural recipes to share with the public.

If you are from canada, you can participate in the event Here

See the Islamic History Month Toolkit to know how you can contribute to it -Toolkit

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