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13 things that helps in connecting children with Quran:

Alhumdulillah one of my student aged 6 year has memorised the 30th chapter of Quran. Today I would like to share some practical tips on connecting children with Quran.

1. Talk to the children about the rewards one gets on memorising Quran

Tell the children that Quran is a means of pleasure of Allah and the more he reads Quran the more his level will increse in jannah.

2. If the child is not able to memorise, don’t pressurise him/her because every child is different.

Children have their own speed of catching and retention. Don’t compare and force your child to be like others but instead celebrate his small steps.

3. Istiqama or consistency is the key

Small or little , be consistent. Ask the children to revise no matter it is little.

Quran ad
13 things that helps in connecting children with Quran. 14

4. Benefit from the last hour of the day

Just before sleeping, let the child revise the surah that he has learnt or ask him the stories or lessons of Quran. This will strengthen his bond with Quran and also help him have a good sleep in sha Allah.

13 things that helps in connecting children with Quran. 15

4. Don’t keep nagging when the child is not in mood

Nagging children to do certain things when they are not in mood, worsen things up. So give them time and ask them what is the suitable time for you when you can sit with Quran and study.

connecting children with Quran.

5. Dua of parents

Dua of Parents are shortcuts to success. Allah hears the prayers of Parents for their children. When children are not acting the way you want them to, they are not wanting to learn, they are stubborn then pray for them instead of scolding them.

Have you heard of the story of Sheikh sudais and his mother? One day Sheikh sudais was acting naughty, His Mother got angry but said: “Go! May Allah make you Imam of The Haramain” This is the Power of a Mothers Dua, Subhan Allah!

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6. Show by Example

If You don’t read Salah on time, don’t expect your child to do so. To see a change in our kids we need to change certain things in ourselves and we all know what are the things we need to change at our individual levels.

7. Invest in good Islamic books and read them Quran or Hadith stories

Having a book in hand works wonder according to child psychologist. Let the children hold and feel the book and read out the stories or ask then to read stories every day.

connecting children with Quran.

8. Introduce them to Jannah and Jahannam helps in connecting children with Quran

Personally I saw amazement in the eyes of children I teach when I described them Jannah and Jahannam. Tell them about the rewards that awaits them in Jannah and warn them against the anger of Allah in disobeying Allah’s ahkam( just a gentle reminder and not something that would instill fear in them.

Try to develop confidence in your children that they should glorify Allah in a decent manner wherever they are, in school or with friends and playing mates

9. Make them listen to their favourite Qari while they are playing helps in connecting children with Quran

Practically this has helped many parents and children memorise subconsciously.

10. Reading the translation of Ayah when they are studying Quran helps in connecting children with Quran

Quran is a book of Allah. Allah talks to us through his book. Explain the verses, go into the details of the subjects mentioned and let your children understand what the Almighty Allah wants them to understand.

Tell them that is how you can connect to Allah and find solution to all the problems of Life. They will begin to see Quran as their best friend.

One easy translation of Quran for school children is Quran for school children

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13 things that helps in connecting children with Quran. 17

11. Start Early: Begin introducing children to the Quran at an early age. Even simple exposure to the Quranic stories, verses, or recitation can create a foundation for future connection.

12. Make It Fun: Use creative and interactive methods to make Quranic learning enjoyable. Incorporate games, quizzes, and other activities to make learning more engaging. you can join online Quran classes for kids with Shaykhi, where laughter and lightheartedness blend seamlessly with engaging activities and interactive lessons, making education a delightful experience.

13. Storytelling: Share Quranic stories in an engaging and age-appropriate manner. Children often connect with stories.

If you have more tips , feel free to share in the comment box below.


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