french model marine el himer converts to islam

French Model Marine El Himer Converts to Islam.


French Model Marine El Himer Converts to Islam

French Model Marine El Himer Converts to Islam, Posted an Image of her Visit to Makkah

Marine El Himer, a prominent French model and reality television star, recently shared the joyous news of her conversion to Islam.

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She described this momentous occasion as the “happiest day” of her life. The announcement was made through a series of pictures posted on her Instagram account, where she can be seen wearing a hijab and standing next to the Kaaba in the Islamic holy city of Makkah.

french model marine el himer converts to islam

Marine El Himer Converts to Islam

In a social media post, Marine El Himer expressed the profound happiness and intense emotions she felt during the significant moment of her conversion to Islam. She described her spiritual journey as a choice of the soul, heart, and reason, expressing a hope that it will continue to uplift and guide her, Inshaallah.

According to French media, El Himer’s exploration of her biological father’s origins led her to discover the religion, and she made the decision to convert months ago. However, she chose to share this personal aspect of her life with the public only recently.

Beyond her spiritual journey, El Himer has also recently acquired her Moroccan national card and citizenship, adding another dimension to her identity. The French model and reality TV star gained popularity through her participation in the reality dating show “Les Princes et les Princess de l’Amour” (The Princes and Princesses of Love).

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