Hajj Dua Diary – A gift to the Hajis

hajj dua diary


Assalamu alaikum,

The excitement of going to Hajj cannot be described in words . I created this Hajj Diary with the intention to facilitate the Old People to remember their Dua during Hajj.

I have used authentic duas from” fortification of Muslims ” in creating this Dua book .To make it easy for the Hajis to read the Duas , I have used bold font and images where applicable .

I have also added Dua with Asma ul husna and some Personal Duas along with Hajj packing checklist and important Phone numbers .

I am attatching some sample pages. If you feel that it can be useful to the Hajis , Do share this article or download the pdf of the book and share it . Full Permission to print the book is allowed with the condition that it is not altered and is reproduced

hajj dua diary

You can Download this Dua Diary HERE

Keep in Duas



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