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Assalamu alaikum,

Introducing our Hajj Dua Cards – the perfect tool to help you remember and recite important duas during your Hajj pilgrimage. The experience of embarking on this journey is truly indescribable, and we understand the importance of having the right resources to guide you through it.

Our Dua Cards have been designed with the intention of facilitating the elderly in remembering their duas during Hajj. We have carefully selected authentic duas from “Fortification of Muslims” to include in this book. To make it easy to read, we have used a bold font and included relevant images where applicable.

In addition to the authentic duas, we have also included the Dua of Prophets (peace be upon them), duas with Asma ul husna, and some personal duas. To ensure you are well-prepared for your journey, we have also included a Hajj packing checklist and important phone numbers.

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Printable Hajj Dua pdf : Hajj Dua Diary 9

Don’t let the stress of remembering important duas during Hajj weigh you down. With our Hajj Dua Cards, you can focus on the spiritual journey ahead of you In sha Allah.

Hajj Dua

Hajj Dua cards
Hajj Dua cards
hajj dua
Printable Hajj Dua pdf : Hajj Dua Diary 10
hajj dua
Printable Hajj Dua pdf : Hajj Dua Diary 11

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