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Hajj Ministry announces opening Hajj registration 2022 for domestic pilgrims.


egistration opened on Friday, and the ministry said that priority will be given to those who have not previously performed Hajj

MAKKAH: The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced that registration is now open for local pilgrims, citizens and residents wishing to perform Hajj this year. Applicants must be no older than 65 and must have a valid residency permit.

Registration opened on Friday, and the ministry said that priority will be given to those who have not previously performed Hajj and are fully immunized as per their status on the Tawakkalna application.

The ministry said that registration can be completed through the Eatmarna application, which allows pilgrims to review all available packages, or online at Online, pilgrims can create a list of preferred packages, choose from them, add companions and ensure that all their data, such as immunization status, is correct and that requirements are met.  

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The ministry called on all applicants to ensure the accuracy of the information they provide when registering their data and choosing packages, noting that if several individuals are registered in one application, the system deals with the group as a single application. If one of the parties does not meet the terms, the application will be cancelled.

The ministry noted that all applications will be processed after the registration deadline expires, adding that all inquiries and suggestions can be sent via e-mail to, the number 920002814, or the Twitter account @MOHU around the clock.

What is the booking mechanism?

An automatic lottery will be applied after the registration stage, and if you are nominated for one of the selected packages, a reservation will be created for you on that package. (Register here)

hajj 2022

How to choose Hajj operators?

To find out the details of the Hajj Operators, you should choose the “Hajj Operators” button. A list of Hajj companies will be viewed and then select the required company and click on it to find out all the details of the company’s data.

What are the types of Hajj packages and what is the difference between them?

There are three types of Hajj packages. The first is the Hajj Hospitality Package. The second is the Economic 1 Hajj Package. The third is the Economic 2 Hajj Package. The Hajj Hospitality Package has four levels of different services with the level of Mena Towers. You can inquire about spreads through the list, “Enquiries, then” Compare Packages. “

hajj 2022

Ref : arab news.

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