I want to Know the Purpose of My Life

Why are we here

If You Want to know the Purpose of Your life

Have You ever wondered “Why are You Here?”

You may have observed the beautiful nature around you and wondered at the beautiful creation each of which exists for a Purpose.The Sky exists to provide a favorable living condition on Earth.The fertile ground exists so that crops could grow in it. Rivers exists to provide water to the living beings. Have you ever wondered why do we exist ?

Do we exist just to live a good life  and then just  die? We could have lived our life in an immoral way ,could have done everything we want but why do we strive to do good ? Is Death the end of our Story or is it a new beginning ?

Do You Know that just like when a manufacturer makes anything ,he writes a product manual so that it becomes easy to understand its Purpose . Why are we without a manual ? “Or are We ? Is there really a manual with a topic “Man” .Indeed there is. Allah has sent us with a Purpose and Allah has gave us a manual to guide us . Listen to this inspirational Video by Yusuf Estes   .It will make you think about your Purpose of your life



If You are New to Islam , Just take a moment to Ponder .And If You are already a Muslim, Refresh your Imaan  ,strive for the Akhirah and Share this Video with your friends .May Allah Open our hearts towards Islam and make us Steadfast in the deen .Ameen.

If You Want us to help you understand the Purpose of your life,Feel free to contact us .In sha Allah will come up with a simple explanation on the concept of life according to Islam.So Stay tuned. JazakAllah Khair.

Use #islamhashtag and share it to your social media so that more and more People can benefit from it. Jazak Allah Khair.

Abu Mas'ud 'Uqbah bin' Amr Al-Ansari Al-Badri (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:
Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "Who guides someone to virtue will be rewarded equivalent to him who practices that good action". [Muslim] .

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  1. Asking “What is the purpose of life?” is silly: life IS the purpose! You’re asking, “What is the purpose of the purpose?” (or “What is the life of the life?”). It’s amazing what silliness can be generated from sloppy thinking, e.g., “The Sky exists to provide a favorable living condition on Earth. The fertile ground exists so that crops could grow in it. Rivers exists to provide water to the living beings.” That’s silly! In reality, living beings exists because there are rivers, fertile ground, and favorable living conditions on Earth – and only life has a “purpose”, namely, to continue living.

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