you are currently viewing islamic worksheet pdf sale: 10 worksheets at only $19

Islamic Worksheet pdf Sale: 10 worksheets at only $19

Islamic Worksheet Sale:10 worksheets at only $19

As we are heading towards 2023, we are full of new hopes and good wishes for the new year. As a Parent what I wish for the new year ahead is my daughter to be more aware of the good and bad around the world so she can make a better choice in her life.

Islam is a religion that not only focuses on ibadat/worship but it nurtures us and help us live a better life.

As a Muslim, our whole life is an Ibadah. We remember Allah when we dress up, when we wake, when we go to sleep and in all activities we do.

Lately my daughter was having a lots of screen time especially because her habits had changed with the online study method during COVID. To change her habit, we minimised her screen time by engaging her with lots of activities.

These are the worksheets that are designed to level up the interest of kids about Islam and make them ponder over the creation of Allah and know about the purpose of their existence.

With Ramadan in few month, getting the worksheets and printing them out for your kids is a good investment.

islamic worksheet sale
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islamic worksheet sale

You can Get 10 Islamic Worksheets that can level up your child’s spirituality only at $19 and these can be used by children of all ages. What you get is a pdf which you can print for your personal use. If you are a School, You can get the license to mass print for your students by sending us an email.

Finally, Jazak Allah khair for supporting this website by Purchasing our Worksheets. Handling the whole website and its numerous social media whilst studying advanced Islamic studies and managing the family couldn’t have been possible with out Allah’s rahma and your support.

Islamic Worksheet Sale:

You get these 10 Worksheets:

  1. Ramadan Journal
  2. Dua Cards
  3. 99 Names of Allah Printable Colouring pdf
  4. Quran Activity Worksheet
  5. Gratitude Journal
  6. Prophets of Allah Handwriting Worksheet
  7. Iftar Suhur Dua Printable Poster (high quality poster without watermark)
  8. Aqeedah for Kids
  9. 30 Duas from Hadith in 30 days of Ramadan pdf
  10. 40 hadith on The Sublime qualities of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
hadith story for kids cover

Hadith Story for kids pdf

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Islamic Worksheet pdf Sale: 10 worksheets at only $19 March 28, 2023

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Hadith Story for kids pdf

Assalamu alaikum wrwb,

Ramadan is just a few days ahead. This is my gift to all the little kids and their parents. May Allah have mercy on us and forgive our sins. keep in dua and do let us know in the comment box if you like this book.

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About this book:

There are many books for children in the market, but there aren’t many hadith story books age wise which tickles the mind of the kids and inspire them to learn adab and challenges of life.

Hadith Story for kids pdf is written for kids 6-12. It is an easy to read book with authentic story from hadith and there are exercises at the end of each story.

Name of the book: Hadith Story for Kids (7-13)

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Islamic Worksheet pdf Sale: 10 worksheets at only $19 March 28, 2023


Author: Fahmina Jawed

About the Author:

Fahmina Jawed (Aafiya) graduated as an Alimah in 2022. She is the founder of and is an Optometrist by qualifications.

hadith story for kids pdf
hadith story for kids
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