Masjid Nabawi in Madina reopens after the COVID lockdown


The doors of Masjid An Nabawi were reopened today.31 May 2020 to the general public in the initial stage of ‘Gradual Opening’.

Umrah trips to Makkah and Madinah remain halted.

The old building and holy site will not be opened yet, as the lifting of restrictions will be carried out in stages.


The mosque has taken a variety of precautions to keep worshippers safe, including the removal of carpets to allow for easier cleaning, requiring visitors to wear masks and enabling parking payments to be made electronically.

The decision to allow worshippers back to the mosque is part of a wider policy of relaxing restrictions across the kingdom, including the opening of mosques. The city of Makkah, however, remains locked down.

People who refuse to wear masks or to adhere to social distancing guidelines will be fined 1,000 riyals,All penalties will double for repeat offenders.

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