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  • One of the Oldest Agha,the guardian of Masjid al Nabawi passed away.
    One of the Oldest Agha,the guardian of Masjid al Nabawi passed away. Agha Abdou Ali Idris Sheikh, one of the oldest guardians of Masjid Al Nabawi, who served the chamber of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ ), passed away today. Janazah prayer will be performed after Maghrib in Masjid Al Nabawi. إنا […]
  •  BusinessDay Islamic Bank of the Year Award 2023
    TAJBank,a leading non-interest bank in Nigeria Wins Islamic Bank of the Year Award, Three Times in a Row  TAJBank Limited, a leading non-interest bank in Nigeria, has been honored with the prestigious BusinessDay “Islamic Bank of the Year Award” for the third consecutive year. This commendation was announced by the Managing Director […]
  • Book of deeds as mentioned in Quran.
    Book of deeds as mentioned in Quran Do you know that there are the two angels, Raqib and Atid, assigned to record each person’s deeds. Raqib records the good deeds, while Atid records the bad deeds. These angels accompany every individual throughout their life, noting their actions, intentions, and even […]
  • Where to stop in Quran? Stopping Rules of Waqf
    Where to stop in Quran? Rules of Waqf Waqf means stopping. It is Important to know where to start and where to stop when reading the Quran to avoid making fatal pronunciation mistakes or changing the entire meaning. Scholars have put in place symbols and rules to help the reciter stop […]
  • Tabby becomes first Islamic fintech unicorn.
    Tabby becomes first Islamic fintech unicorn The Islamic finance industry has welcomed its first Islamic fintech unicorn, Tabby, a buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) platform as the Middle Eastern firm secured a US$200 million Series D funding. Founded in 2019, Tabby joins a list dominated by US-based firms, but led by Chinese e-commerce […]
  • Hadith on Charity
    Hadith on Charity Charity is an emphasised sunnah especially in the dire time of need of fellow muslim brothers and sisters. Let us read some hadith on charity. I have also mentioned the charity hadith in arabic. The hadiths are from sahih bukhari and other authentic quotes on charity from […]

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