Play this Quiz to see how much are you Practicing Islam

islam quiz

Do you pray your salah / Namaj

Do you give alms to Poor?

Do you read Quran atleast one page a Day ?

Do you Love Prophet Muhaamad SAW

Do you treat your Parents well ?

Are you good to your Neighbour?

Do you Believe there is no God but Allah?

Do you believe in Resurrection -(life after death)

Do you Pay Zakat?

Do you fast in Ramdhan ?

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Assalamu Alaikum. I am Aafiya , a student of Deen. Islam Hashtag is my attempt to create a Positive Image of Islam . If you like what I do please Pray that Allah swt accepts it from me. JazakaAllah khair Wassalam


  1. Assalam alaikum,
    Please is there more of this quiz.
    am so much happy since i connect to this site of yours am seeing lot of improvement
    in my religious knowledge .
    God Bless you Aafia

  2. Walekum Assalam .
    Jazak Allah khair for your kind comments.May Allah put barakah in our time and help us study more about our beautiful deen.You can check more quizzes here:

    These days we are Preparing for Ramadan. I try to update the post daily despite my ongoing exams,hope you benefit from it >> .

    In sha Allah will publish more Quizzes next week.
    Let me tell you ,it is the beautiful comments and feedback of all of you that keeps me motivated.Thanks again for all your beautiful feedback .May Allah reward you.

  3. Asalamu alekm
    This is a best way to test our self that how much we have the knowledge about islam by these following quiz.I m really appreciate your work .May Allah (swt) give u more barakah in youer work .Ameen.

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