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Quiz on seerah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)-Level 2


Quiz on seerah of Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu alaihe wa sallam

At what age did Muhammad (saw) start receiving revelation from Allah?

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Which former slave chose to remain with Muhammad (saw) instead of returning home with his father?

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The first martyr in Islam was

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Muhammad (saw) had the following number of children from Khadijah

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The correct chronological order is

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At Uhud those who knew more Quran were entered into the graves first as a mark of honour.

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Zaid ibn Haritha, Jafar ibn Abi Talib & Abdullah ibn Rawahah were killed in the Battle of

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Before the death of the Prophet (saw) which young companion will be placed in charge of an army headed to Sham?

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The largest booty collected was the booty of

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Which masjid was built to divide the Muslims?

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Seerah Quiz -2
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    Salams. I’m pretty sure that Rasulullah SAW had only one sons with Khadijah RA – Qasim RA. His second son, Ibrahim, was with Maaria

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