Quiz on seerah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)-Level 2

quiz on seerah

At what age did Muhammad (saw) start receiving revelation from Allah?

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Which former slave chose to remain with Muhammad (saw) instead of returning home with his father?

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The first martyr in Islam was

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Muhammad (saw) had the following number of children from Khadijah

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The correct chronological order is

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At Uhud those who knew more Quran were entered into the graves first as a mark of honour.

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Zaid ibn Haritha, Jafar ibn Abi Talib & Abdullah ibn Rawahah were killed in the Battle of

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Before the death of the Prophet (saw) which young companion will be placed in charge of an army headed to Sham?

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The largest booty collected was the booty of

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Which masjid was built to divide the Muslims?

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Seerah Quiz -2
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  2. Salams. I’m pretty sure that Rasulullah SAW had only one sons with Khadijah RA – Qasim RA. His second son, Ibrahim, was with Maaria

  3. thank you for sharing beautiful and knowledge base Islamic quiz. it is really very helpful quiz article for learning Islam especially for Muslim kids

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