A list of Best tafsir of Quran and Quran tafseer in english pdf

Quran Tafseer meaning

Tafseer of Quran is the commentary or explanation of the verses of Quran.

Multiple English translations of the Qur’an, Islam’s scripture, line shelves at book stores. Amazon.com sells more than a dozen. Because of the growing Muslim communities in English-speaking countries, as well as greater academic interest in Islam, there has been a blossoming issues in recent years of English translations.

Quran learning
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So how accurate are the Qur’an’s renderings into English? The record is mixed. Some are simply poor translations. Others adopt sectarian biases, while some often insert political annotation.

Why should we read tafseer of Quran ?

There are many verses in the Qur’an in which understanding knowledge of linguistic expressions and styles is not sufficient. Rather, they require information about certain expressions because these expressions point to specific meanings Understanding Quran  does not require language only but also a level of intellect in understanding and comprehension which agrees with the level and elevation of the book.

The reality of the Arabs when the Quran was being revealed was that not all of them were able to understand the Quran generally and specifically.

Rather, they used to differ in their understanding according to their intellectual elevation. Because of that reason the Sahabah’s ability to explain and understand the Qur’an was at variance due to the disparity of their understanding of the Arabic language and also due to the disparity in their intelligence and comprehension.

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Quran with English translation Side by side

If You are Looking for A Simple Quran with English translation Side by side You Can Read This :

The Qur’an: English translation and Parallel Arabic text.

Here is a sample Page of this book.The best Part of this translation is that It tells you the meaning in an easy to understand Paragraph format.Unlike Other translations which translate the Verses line by line.This is an interesting read.

6 Best tafir of Quran in English: Quran tafseer in english pdf 15
tafseer of Quran

And If you are searching for detailed Tafsir Al Quran in English and you are confused it ,Read the analysis of the writing format of different available Tafsirs .You can get these books online by clicking on the image of the book..

1.Tafseer of Quran : Illuminating Discourses on the Noble Quran (in 5 volumes)

tafseer of Quran

Get it @ $199 (hardcover)

Download Quran tafseer in english pdf

This is a translation of the nine volume tafsir [exegesis] of the Holy Qur’an “Anwar al-Bayan” by Maulana Ashiq Ilahi al-Barni; one of the great scholars of this century who recently passed away in Madina Munawwara. He had resided there for the last two decades, after having taught in various education institutes around India and Pakistan.

This tafsir is one of the recommended tafsir in one Alimiyyah classes .

Some outstanding features of this tafsir are:

  • It is simple, straightforward, and easy to understand
  • It provides explanation of the Qur’an through the Qur’an, authentic hadiths, statements of the Sahaba, and the exegesis of the great Imams of tafsir;
  • It completely avoids Israelite traditions;
  • The references  are rendered in detail;
  • The contemporary issues discussed;
  • There is discussions on aspects of tasawwuf; Islamic laws elucidated from verses; explanation of the circumstances of revelation; and filled with many words of wisdom and advice.


Tafheem-ul-Quran tafseer of Quran

Get it @ $150 (hardcover )

Tafheem ul Quran  by Mawlana Sayyid Abu’lA’la Mawdudi is my number one recommendation for any one  wanting to understand the meaning of Quran with zero previous knowledge of any topic on Islam.It is the only book with a modern commentatory rather than the classical tafseer that I have come across.This book is by the trusted Darussalam Publications

Tafhim-ul-Quran (Urdu: تفہيم القرآن‎, “Towards Understanding the Qur’an”) is a 6-volume translation and explanation of the Qur’an by South Asian scholar Abul Ala Maududi. Maududi spent 30 years writing the work; he began in 1942 and completed it in 1972.

Tafhim is derived from the Arabic word fahm which means “understanding”.Tafhim is a combination of orthodox and modernist interpretation and has deeply influenced modern Islamic thought.

It differs from traditional exegeses in several ways. It is more than a traditional commentary on the scripture as it contains discussions and debates regarding economics, sociology, history, and politics. In his text, Maududi highlights Quranic perspective and argues that Islam provides ample guidance in all spheres..


This Tafsir Al Quran deals extensively with issues faced by the modern world in general and the Muslim community in particular

Volumes:6 volumes
Price: $123.95
By: Syed Abul A’la Maududi (Tafsir)
Translator: Abdul Aziz Kamal
Pages: 4020


Tafsir Ibn Kathir (10 Volumes; Abridged)

Get it at Discount 10 Volume (hardcover)

TAFSIR IBN KATHEER is one of the most complete and comprehensive translation of quran.There is 10 volume in the whole package.However individual books are also available for Purchase.

Tafsir al-Qur’an al-‘Adhim which linked certain Hadith, or sayings of Muhammad, and sayings of the sahaba to verses of the Qur’an, in explanation. It is considered to be a summary of the earlier tafsir by al-Tabari, Tafsir al-Tabari. It is especially popular because it uses the hadith to explain each verse and chapter of the Qur’an.


This is an abridged version which is free from any unauthentic hadeeth.This book is the most trusted one and unanimously recommended by almost all scholars and educational institutions.It uses hadith to explain each verse.

  • Volume:10 volumes
  • Hardcover: 6608 pages
  • by Hafiz Ibn Kathir
  • Publisher: Dar-us-Salam Publications; 2nd edition (September 1, 2000)
  • Language: English


4)Ma’ariful Quran

Maariful Quran [Complete 8 Volume Set]

Get the 8 Vol hardcover @129 $

Ma’ariful Qur’an (Urdu: معارف القرآن‎; Ma‘ārifu’l-Qur’ān) is an eight-volume tafsir (exegesis) of the Quran written by Pakistani Sunni Islamic scholar Mufti Muhammad Shafi (1897–1976). Originally written in Urdu, it is the most prominent work of its author.

This is also one of the tafsir recommended for student of Deen.

Volumes 1 to 8 (complete set) Probably to be the most comprehensive commentary of the Qur’an in English from traditional sources. These volumes cover an Introduction and commentary of Surat al-Fatiha to Surat al-al-Nas. Translated by Prof Muhammad Hassan A detailed introduction, included at the beginning of the first volume, focuses on some of the basic issues of the Quran.

Notable among them are the Wahy, the modes of descent, the chronology of the revelation of the Quran, the first revealed verses (ayah), Meccan and Medinan verses, the preservation of the Quran, the printing of the Quran, the sources of Tafsir, Arabic language etc. The work adopts a simple narrative style: first, several verses are provided in the original Arabic with their literal translation in Urdu; it is then followed by subject-wise discussion on almost every important issue. This narrative technique is repeated until the end. Below is the list of volumes and their contents:

  • The first volume—Sura Al-Fatiha and sura Al-Baqara
  • The second volume – from sura Al-Imran to sura An-Nisa
  • The third volume – from sura Al-Ma’ida to sura Al-A’raf
  • The fourth volume – from sura Al-Anfal to sura Hud
  • The fifth volume – from sura Yusuf to sura Al-Kahf
  • The sixth volume – from sura Maryam to sura Ar-Rum
  • The seventh volume – from sura Luqman to sura Al-Ahqaf
  • The eighth volume – from sura Muhammad to Surat al-Nas.


It is narrative in style and has  subject-wise discussion on almost every important issue

  • Hardcover: 6068 pages
  • Publisher: Farid Book Depot (2010)
  • Language: English

5)Tafsir al Qurtubi

Tafsir al Qurtubi (Vol 1)

With the first volume of this abridged translation of Imam al-Qurtubi’s al-Jami’ li-ahkam al-Qur’an (“The Compendium of Legal Rulings of the Qur’an”), an important step has been taken towards remedying this situation.

It gives English-speaking readers access to one of the great classical commentaries, containing a wealth of authoritative traditional exposition of the Sacred Text. Comprehensive interpretation of the Holy Qur’an requires consideration of every aspect — spiritual, legal, linguistic, social, and others.The basic objective of this . The book is in twelve volumes and has been published repeatedly


This tafsir al Quran deduces juristic injunctions and rulings from the Quran It provides the explanation of verses, researches into difficult words.There is a discussion of diacritical marks and elegance of style and composition

Only one volume has been translated into English and published by Dar al-Taqwa, London

6)Tafsir Al Tabari

Jāmial-bayānan ta’wīl āy al-Qur’ān, popularly Tafsīr al-Ṭabarī (Arabic: تفسير الطبري), is a classic Sunni tafsir by the Persian scholar Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari (838–923). The work is a collective tafsir, very rich in content, and a major source for academic research and historical inquiry.

Tabari has primarily used narratives of the Prophet, including narrations and comments of the sahabah and tabi’in where necessary. He has included linguistics and grammatical explanations to many words.Also knowledgeable in the area of hadith, Tabari carefully indicates the chain of narrations, sometimes elaborating on the trustability of narrators.


Not available online or elsewhere but used in other Tafsirs.

The size of this work and the independence of judgment in it seem to have prevented it from having a large circulation, but scholars such as Baghawi and Suyuti used it largely; Ibn Kathir used it in his Tafsir ibn Kathir.

And Yes, If you want a simple English translation of Quran,go for no other than Abdel Halem’s –The Qur’an (Oxford World’s Classics)

You Can read its review

So,We have reviewed the different authentic Tafsirs of Quran and warned you against purchasing the inauthentic and unreliable tafsirs. May Allah guide us all.

JazakAllah Khair.