Quranic Verse to recite to get ample provision: Indeed, I know a verse such that if the people go by it, it would suffice them: Abu dharr (ra)


Sayyiduna Abu Dharr radi allahu anhu narrated that Allah’s Messenger Sallalahu alaihe wa sallam said,
“Indeed, I know a verse such that if the people go by it, it would suffice them.(They would not need to observe other invocations. It is:

And whoso fears Allah, He appoints a way out for him. And He provides him sustenance-from whence he expects not.

One who puts his trust in Allah, Allah is sufficient for him.He gets the blessings of both the worlds.

It is a part from ayah 65:2 and 65;3


 That is instructed to whoever should believe in Allah and the Last day. And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him a way out. And will provide for him from where he does not expect. And whoever relies upon Allah – then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a [decreed] extent.

Reference of Hadith : Mishkat al Masabih: bab tawakkul wa sabr , hadith number:5306

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