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Ramadan Journal for Kids and Adults

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Ramadan starts on the 24th of April 2020. How are you Preparing for Ramadan? Do you know that our Pious Predecessors used to plan months ahead for Ramadan. Few years back I wrote a comprehensive post on Preparing for Ramadan.These were from the advice I got from my teachers and I penned them down so that we all could benefit from it .

You can read it here- Preparing for Ramadan

This year We have come up with a Ramadan journal/Planner.The purpose of this journal is to aid our connection with the month of Ramadan, to help us recognise and throw away the excuses which have held us back in previous years, so that we can reach and appreciate the true benefits of this approaching Ramadan, inshallah.

Features :

  • Setting Long term and Short term Ramadan Goal.
  • Hadith Reminder for each Day.
  • A Dua from Quran to read each day.
  • Stars for completing Fast ,Reading Quran.
  • Salah tracker- Also tracks missed salah (Colour the stars besides each prayer time).
  • Beautiful Colour and Print.
ramadan journal
ramadan journal 2

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