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The Story of tawaqqul of Rabia Basra : 10 Rotis one of which the Maid stole.


Story of Rabiya Basria : 10 Rotis one of which the Maid stole.

Rabia Basra was a Sufi saint celebrated for her holy life.Infact She’s the Most Famous Sufi Woman In The World. She was a native of Basra and belonged to the tribe of Adi. She is known in some parts of the world as, Hazrat Bibi Rabia Basri, Rabia Al Basri or simply Rabia Basri.

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Once Rabia Basria had some guests visiting her. The maid came and said that there has been a knock at the door and a man has come with some loaves of bread. Rabia said count how many there are? Maid counted and said they are 9. Rabia said, no this is not my share, return to the man and tell him to leave. Then there was a second knock, maid came and said there is a man at the door and he has brought some loaves of bread. Rabia said count how many there are? Maid counted and said they are 9. Rabia said, no this is not my share, return to the man and tell him to leave. 3rd time the knock came, the maid said once again a man has brought loaves, Rabia asked how many are there? Maid said 9. Rabia said, no this is not my share, return to the man and tell him to leave. Maid said why aren’t you taking these loaves of bread when you need them considering that you have guests over. Rabia explained to her that this morning I had a loaf of bread when a beggar came and I gave him the bread for the sake of Allah SWT, so it is my Allah’s promise that:

“Man jaa’aa bil hasanati fa lahu asharu amthaaliha”

Quran ad

That whoever brings forth a good deed, he will be rewarded ten times like it.9 loaves can’t be mine. The maid begged for forgiveness, that I was hungry too and I used to keep the 10th loaf myself, they were actually 10 when they came.Such perfect belief in the promise of their Rabb.

Hazrat Rabia Basri (ra) is remembered to this day as one of the greatest saints of the 8th century and is remembered with devotion and affection for her faith, piety and patience. The great woman mystic, saint of Islam had conquered herself (Nafs) through devotion, meditation, contemplation, patience (Sabr) as well as fear and trust in God. (Tawwakul). Hazrat Rabia Basri (ra) was constantly absorbed in the thought of God and had reached the pinnacle of mystic path i.e Fana-Fillah.

Another incident that has really touched me is this incident-

One day Abdul Wahid and Sofian Tsavri went to see Rabia in her illness. They were so touched by the sight of .her weakness that for some moments they could not speak a word. At last Sofian said, ” O Rabia, pray that the Lord may lighten thy sufferings.” *’ O Sofian,” she answered, ** who has sent me these sufferings ? ” ” The Most High,” he said. ” Very well,” she replied, *’ if it is his will that this trial come upon me, how can I, ignoring His will, ask Him to remove it ? “

One of her quote which I particularily Love is-

I am going to light fire in Paradise and to pour water on to Hell so that both veils (…) may completely disappear (…) and the servants of God may see Him, without any object of hope or motive of fear. What if the hope of Paradise and the fear of Hell did not exist? – Rabia 

Ref : Class notes and Wikipedia.

Subhan Allah ! How did you like the story of Rabia Basra? Did the story touched you ?

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