Ramadan Quiz – Level easy

Ramadan Quiz

What is something you cannot do during Ramadan fast?

How many Days do Muslim fasts in Ramadan?

Fasting Period in Ramadan is ?

The Muslim calender is lunar.

What is the Food called with which Muslims open their Fast

What month in the Muslim calender is Ramadan?

Which Holiday marks the end of Ramadan

What is the ruling on the use of Siwaak by the fasting person?

In which year of the Hijrah was the fasting of Ramadhaan enjoined?

For How many Ramadan did Messenger of Allah Prophet muhammad SAW fast ?

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  1. Dear sir/madam,thanks for the improving people’s talent in islam but my suggestion is that may almighty allah provided for you people’s in other to be giving out a rewards for your quiz question’s and answer so that it will give many people’s more curriage in islam, jazakun lah khaeran.

  2. hey its really a very nice quiz i would also like to appreciate the organizers to help us know about such islamic imformation

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