ramadan quiz

Ramadan Quiz – Level easy


What is something you cannot do during Ramadan fast?

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How many Days do Muslim fasts in Ramadan?

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Fasting Period in Ramadan is ?

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The Muslim calender is lunar.

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What is the Food called with which Muslims open their Fast

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What month in the Muslim calender is Ramadan?

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Which Holiday marks the end of Ramadan

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What is the ruling on the use of Siwaak by the fasting person?

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In which year of the Hijrah was the fasting of Ramadhaan enjoined?

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For How many Ramadan did Messenger of Allah Prophet muhammad SAW fast ?

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Ramadan Quiz
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  1. abdulsalam

    this thing was nice and helpful it wi;ll help someone leaern

  2. Aisha


  3. ammarah

    hey its really a very nice quiz i would also like to appreciate the organizers to help us know about such islamic imformation

  4. aderemi akeem ademola

    Dear sir/madam,thanks for the improving people’s talent in islam but my suggestion is that may almighty allah provided for you people’s in other to be giving out a rewards for your quiz question’s and answer so that it will give many people’s more curriage in islam, jazakun lah khaeran.

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