Quran Quiz – Level 2

quran quiz


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What was the first word of the Qur'an which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAAS)?

Through which angel did Allah reveal the Holy Qur'an to Prophet Muhammad (SAW)?

In Which mountain is the cave where the Prophet (SAAS) used to meditate, and in which it was first made known to him that he had been chosen to be the Messenger of Allah?

In which month and year was the Qur'an revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAAS)?

What is the meaning of the Arabic word Qur'an?

Who was the first person to whom the Prophet (BAAS) told of his unusual experience of revelation?

What was the age of the Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) when Allah appointed him to be His Messenger?

What is the name of the third Khalifa of Islam who prepared one unified version of reading the Qur'an?

 What is the meaning of Al-­‐Hadi as mentioned in the Quran

Which important event mentioned in the Quran  occured one year before Hijra  in Makkah?

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