Hadhrat Kumayl bin Ziyaad narrates,”Hadhrat Ali bin Abi Taalib RA once caught hold of my hand and took me into the desert. When we were in the desert, he sat down, sighed and said, ‘0 Kumayl bin Ziyaad! Hearts are like containers and the best of hearts are those that take heed the most.

Remember well what I have to say to you.People fall into three categories.

man fall in 3 categories

Quran learning
"Remember well what I have to say to you."-Ali bin Abi Taalib RA 5

There is the Aalim who is attached to Allaah, the learner who is on the path of salvation and a mean uncultured type of person who follows every noise-maker, who sways with the wind, who has gleaned nothing from the light from divine knowledge and who has not even taken support from a strong pillar. Knowledge is better than wealth because while knowledge guards you, you have to guard wealth and while knowledge increases with spending (by practising on it and teaching it), wealth decreases with spending. Love for knowledge is a loan that will be repaid (by
Allaah). Knowledge earns authority for the Aalim in this life and fond memories after his death while the achievements of wealth disappear once the wealth is no more. Even though they are alive, the treasurers of wealth are really dead while the Ulema live on throughout the annals of time. While the Ulema (after death) may not be visible to the eye, their honour and love stii lives on in the hearts (of people).” ‘*

“Ah!” Hadhrat Ali – sighed. Pointing to his chest, he said, “Verily in here is such knowledge that I wish I could find a bearer for it. However, all I can find are quick-witted-people who cannot be trusted. They use the instruments of Deen for worldly purposes by employing Qur’aanic arguments against the Qur’aan and the bounties of Allaah.against His servants.

The only other type of person I find is one who follows people of the truth but has no insight into inspiring it. He therefore falls into doubt with the first doubt that presents itself, because of which he does not know where he stands.

The other type of person I find is one immersed in carnal pleasures, who is a devout follower of passions. The other type I find is the one who is infatuated with wealth and amassing wealth. In fact, the last two types are not even callers to the deen and the most fitting description of them is to liken them to grazing animals. So knowledge dies with the death of people capable of bearing it.

"Remember well what I have to say to you."-Ali bin Abi Taalib RA 6

At the same time, the earth is never empty of people who stand up for Allaah using His contentions so that everything that Allaah has proved and made clear to people should never be lost to mankind. Such people are however exceptionally few in number but most valued by Allaah. It is by them that Allaah rebuts criticism against His arguments until they pass on and cultivate (their knowledge and expertise to) others like them.Their profound knowledge swiftly guides to them perceive the reality of all matters, making it easy for them to understand intricacies that are beyond those who live in affluence and luxury. They are comfortable with matters that perplex and frighten ignorant people. While their bodies are in contact with the world, their souls are attached to a greater scene (the ~akhirah). Such people are Allaah’s deputies in the lands and the true callers to his Deen.

Ah! Ah! How I long to meet them! I seek Allaah’s forgiveness for me and for you. You may now leave if you please.”

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