Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Umar RA narrates that Hadhrat Umar RA once
addressed Hadhrat Ali – saying, “0 Abul Hasan! There were times when you
were present with Rasulullaah SAW when we were not and there were times when we were present with Rasulullaah SAWwhen you were not. 1 have three questions to pose to you. Do you know anything about them?”

“What are they?” Hadhrat Ali RA asked.

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3 Questions that Umar RA asked Ali RA 8

Hadhrat Umar said, “(Is it possible that) A man likes another when he has seen no good in him or dislikes a man when he has seen no bad in him?” “That is certainly possible,” Hadhrat Ali replied, “Rasulullaah SAW once said, ‘All souls had Been gathered together in metaphysical realm where they met and associated. Those that got to know each other there, bond in this world and those who were detached there remain detached here.”‘

“That was one question (to which we have a reply),” Hadhrat Umar – said,
“(the second question is that) when speaking about something, a man sometimes remembers and sometimes forgets.” Hadhrat Ali – responded by saying, “Rasulullah SAW said, ‘Every heart has clouds passing over it just as clouds pass across the moon. While the moon is shining, a cloud passes across it, causing the light to vanish, but it again shines through once the cloud has passed. Similarly, when a man is busy speaking, one of the clouds passes across (his heart), causing him to forget. Then when it passes by, he is once again able to remember.”

“That was two questions,” Hadhrat Umar RA said, “Now what about a man who sees dreams, some of which are true and others false.” Hadhrat Ali RA said, “I have a reply for that as well. I heard Rasulullaah SAW say, Whenever any male or female falls into a deep sleep, their soul rises up to the Arsh (Allaah’s throne). Those that awaken after reaching the Arsh have true dreams and those that awaken before reaching the Arsh have false dreams.”

Hadhrat Umar RA remarked, “These were three answers that I had been in search of. I thank Allaah that I have found them before my death.”

3 Questions that Umar RA asked Ali RA 9

Ref : Hayatus sahaba