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Renovations at Masjid Quba with installation of a cutting-edge new LED lighting system reduce energy consumption by 83%.


Renovations at Masjid Quba included the installation of a cutting-edge new LED lighting system, which helped reduce energy consumption by 83%.

Location of Masjid Quba:

The mosque was constructed on the outskirts of Madinah, approximately 6 kilometers from the village of Quba. It is thought to be one of the oldest mosques in Islamic history, dating back to the 7th century.

3493 Al Hijrah Rd, Al Khatim, Medina 42318, Saudi Arabia

Merit of Masjid Quba

The merits of Masjid Quba are mentioned in nineteen Sahih al-Bukhari hadiths; thirteen Sahih Muslim hadiths; two Sunan Abu Dawood hadiths; six Al-Muwatta hadiths

renovations at masjid quba
renovations at masjid quba
renovations at masjid quba

History of renovations done on the first masjid in Islam:

  • Othman ibn Affan expansion
  • Omar ibn Abdul Aziz added corridors and a minaret
  • 435H Abu Yali AlHusseini
  • 555H Jamal ul Din Al Asfahani
  • 733H, 840H, 881H volunteers and various people of influence
  • Ottoman era was renovated during the reign of Sultan Abdulmajeed
  • Saudi Era King Fahad added four minarets and expanded its size. Floor has heat reflecting tiles. Added 6 huge domes. Fabric shades from the sun, and other amenities still ongoing mashallah

May Allah have mercy on all of those who took care of it and bless the ones currently taking care of it.

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