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sahaba series
seven companions/sahaba who narrated the most hadith.

Seven Companions/sahaba who narrated the most hadith.

Abu Huraira (radi allahu anhu) : He narrated 5374 Ahadeeth.‘Abdullah ibn ‘Umar( radi allahu anhu) : he narrated 2630 Ahaadeeth.Anas ibn Maalik (radi allahu anhu ): he narrated 2286 Ahaadeeth.‘Aisha, the mother of the believers ( radi allahu anhuma ), she narrated 2210 Ahadeeth.‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abbas (radi allahu anhu ): he narrated 1660 Ahadeeth.Jabir ibn ‘Abdullah (radi allahu anhu) : he narrated 1540 Ahadeeth.Abu Sa’eed al Khudri (radi allahu anhu ) who narrated 1170 Ahadeeth. Also Read : Sahaba Series 1.Abu Huraira ...
sa’d ibn mu’adh

” Sa’d bin Mu’adh” at whose death the throne of Allah shook

Do you know who was the sahabi at whose death the throne of Allah shook? It was Sa’d bin Mu’adh radi allahu anhu. He was a companion of Rasul Allah Sallalahu alaihe wa sallam. And when we say that the throne of Allah shook what does it mean? Regarding the shaking of the Throne mentioned here, Ibn Hajar in his book Fatah Al-Baaree interpreted it by saying, “The meaning of shaking means His rejoicing and His pleasure at the receiving of his ...
the seven fuqaha of madina

The Seven Fuqaha of Madina

The Seven Fuqaha of Madina The Seven Fuqaha of Medina is the title of seven Muslim scholars who were the largest contributors as to the transmission of hadith and making of fatwas in Medina during the 2nd century AH:[1] Sa'id ibn al-Musayyib'Urwah ibn Az-Zubayr ibn al 'AwwamSalim Ibn 'Abdullah ibn 'UmarQasim ibn Muhammad ibn Abu BakrAbu Salama ibn Abdur Rahman bin AwfSulayman ibn YasarKharijah ibn Zayd Ibn Thabit. Seven Fuqaha of Madina Some scholars include Abu Bakr ibn Abd ur-Rahman ibn al-Harith, and Ubaydullah ...
battleofbadr burialw

313 Badri Sahaba names: Visiting Battle of Badr.

Remembering 14 Badri sahaba martyred in Badr: My Visit to Battle of Badr Battle of badr -17 Ramadan 2AH The Battle of Badr was the first major battle in Islam. Since I live Near Madina, My visit to the site of battle of Badr was not my First Visit. I had visited it a number of time but this Visit was Special. Special Because for the first time I reflected deeply on the Battle of Badr. I began to recall the Quranic ...
ahle suffa

Who were the Ahle Suffah-Sahaba Series

The ahl us suffah comprised those men of Madinah who had no house of their own and no source of living. They lived outside the masjid Nabawi on a plat form or bench in dire poverty. It was initially available at the northeastern corner of the mosque and Prophet Muhammad SAW ordered it to be covered by palm leaves in order to provide shade, hence it was called Al-Suffah or Al-Zullah (الظلة); i.e. the shade. Ahle suffa lived in northeastern corner of the mosque It is estimated ...
ashra mubashhara

Ashra Mubashara/Ashrae mubashra-The 10 companions Promised Paradise.

Ashra Mubashara/Ashrae mubashra-The 10 companions Promised Paradise. The term Ashra Mubashara (the ten who were promised Paradise) designates those who were given the glad tidings of Jannah by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) while they were living in this world. In addition to the term “Ashara Mubashara,” the phrase with the same meaning – “al-Mubashara bil-Jannah” – was also used. Please also note that These Companions were given the glad tiding of the Paradise in one gathering, therefore, they are known as 'The Ten ...
who were shaba

Who were the Sahaba? Sahaba series-1

Assalamu Alaikum wrwb. This month,(month of Safar) we shall be doing the Sahaba Series in sha Allah in which we will talk about the companions of Rasul Allah SAW ,who were they,their merits etc.I would also like to thank you all for letting me know that you loved our Dua with Asma ul Husna Series . Who were the Sahaba? Sahaba were the companion and followers of Prophet Muhammad SAW who "saw or met the prophet during his lifetime and were physically ...
why are hadith important

What are Hadith? Islamic hadees and Sunnah.

The Noble Prophetic Hadith is considered one of the sources of legislation in Islam after the Holy Quran. Therefore, Muslims have shown great care and attention to Hadith, dedicating special sciences to purify, sort, and judge them. Prophetic Hadith serves as a reference for Muslims, explaining what is mentioned in the Quran, elaborating on what is brief, and sometimes introducing new rulings. This necessitated scholars to preserve and focus on it, establishing comprehensive rules to regulate it. Difference between Hadith and Sunnah ...

3 Questions that Umar RA asked Ali RA

Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Umar RA narrates that Hadhrat Umar RA onceaddressed Hadhrat Ali - saying, "0 Abul Hasan! There were times when youwere present with Rasulullaah SAW when we were not and there were times when we were present with Rasulullaah SAWwhen you were not. 1 have three questions to pose to you. Do you know anything about them?" "What are they?" Hadhrat Ali RA asked. Hadhrat Umar said, "(Is it possible that) A man likes another when he has seen no ...