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Assalamu Alaikum wrwb.

This month,(month of Safar) we shall be doing the Sahaba Series in sha Allah in which we will talk about the companions of Rasul Allah SAW ,who were they,their merits etc.I would also like to thank you all for letting me know that you loved our Dua with Asma ul Husna Series .

Who were the Sahaba?

Sahaba were the companion and followers of Prophet Muhammad SAW who “saw or met the prophet during his lifetime and were physically in his presence”.

Once a male or female Muslim has seen Muhammad only for a short time, no matter whether he/she is a child or an adult with the condition of dying as a believer), he/she is called as Sahaba/Sahabiyat. The same rule applies to blind Muslims who have talked with the Prophet at least once.

Quran ad
Who were the Sahaba? Sahaba series-1 12

If a disbeliever sees Muhammad SAW and then joins the Believers after the demise of Prophet Muhammad SAW , he is not a Sahaba; nor is a person called a Sahaba if he converted to Islam afterward although he had seen Muhammad SAW .

Who were the Sahaba? Sahaba series-1 13

The Sahabah ra are the foundation of this Deen and were the first to
propagate it. They acquired the Deen from Rasulullaah SAW and conveyed it to us. They were the blessed group whom Allaah swt had chosen to be the
companions of His beloved Rasulullaah SAW. They are therefore most worthy of being role models, whose example deserve emulation.

The Sahabah ra are the mirror images of Rasulullaah SAW’s perfect character and the most comprehensive Icons of his attributes. They were the truest interpreters of his praiseworthy attributes, his excellent character as well as all the rulings and proofs of the Shari’ah. It is therefore necessary to follow them so that the Muslim Ummah may save themselves from all deviated manners.

Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Mas’ood ra used to say, “Anyone wishing to follow
the (religious) ways of another should follow the ways of those who had already left the world, namely the companions of Rasulullaah SAW, who were the best people of this Ummah. Their hearts were pure, their knowledge deep and pretentiousness (showing-off) was non-existent in their lives. Allaah SAW has selected them to be the companions of Rasulullaah and to propagate Deen. You should therefore acknowledge their virtue and distinction. Follow in their footsteps and adopt their character and lifestyles with all your strength because they were the ones on the path of guidance.”

Who were the Sahaba? Sahaba series-1 14
surah fatiha
Who were the Sahaba? Sahaba series-1 15

We make dua to Allah swt to guide us to siratul Mustaqeem to the path of those whom he has favored.So Shouldn’t we learn about their ways ?

This is of the reason that I chose to write a series on this topic so that it helps me walk on the path of my predecessors,the guided one.And I hope that you also benefit from this series .

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Some distinguishing Features Of Sahaba Were-

  • The Sahaba Ikram were the blessed companion of Rasul Allah SAW who displayed the wonderful belief in the unseen, undying love for Allaah and Rasulullaah SAW.
  • They had compassion for the Mu’mineen and sternness towards the Kuffaar.
  • They preferred the Aakhirah to this world, the unseen to the seen and guidance to ignorance.
  • They were eager to invite people towards Islaam, thus removing the creation from their slavery to the creation and taking them towards the servitude of Allaah swt alone.
  • They removed people from the injustice of other religions, transporting them to the justice of Islaam.
  • They displayed no concern for the attractions and vanities of this world and aspired to meet Allaah swt and enter Jannah.
  • They also exhibited outstanding courage and farsightedness in spreading the gift of Islaam and delivering it to the world without any cost. For this purpose, they spread themselves throughout the far corners of the world, sparing no efforts to reach a3 far as they could. In doing this, they forgot their personal pleasures, forsook their luxuries, left their homes and selflessly spent their lives and wealth.
  • They continued in this manner until the foundations of Deen were established, hearts turned to Allaah swt and the blessed and pleasant winds of Imaan blew strongly.
  • An empire of Towheed,Iwan, Ibaadah and Taqwa was established.
  • Guidance spread throughout the world and people entered the fold of Islaam in droves.

To understand the life of Rasulullaah saw, it is only the lives of the Sahabah
Ra that can be used as a criterion because they were the fortunate group
who benefited most from the lamp of Nabuwaat. The inspiring rays from the sun of Nabuwaat shone directly on them without any screen. It is impossible for anyone after them to acquire the warmth of lmaan and the spiritual illumination that they received. It was only the assembly of the Sahabah the Qur’aan pays tribute to by declaring that Allaah Swt is pleased with them, they are pleased with Him, and that they were rightly guided people as well as guides for others. It is because of this that the Ummah has always been unanimous about the fact that all the Sahabah ra without exception were reliable and trustworthy. Any matter on which they all agreed is regarded as an authoritative law in the Shari’ah.

Ref: Hayatus Sahaba and Study notes from various Lectures.

In sha Allah in the next Post we will talk about the Muhajir Sahaba and the Ansar Sahaba and thereafter about the Ashra Mubashhara.

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