Step-by Step Salah Flashcards for Reverts and new Learners.

Salah cards

New Reverts get overwhelmed sometimes. I have made the cards with simple English transliteration and images which is easy to read and Follow.

This is a Salah guide in Bold English transliteration to aid the new reverts in leaning Salah. This is not a detailed book but Flashcards to help the new reverts learn Salah easy and fast way.

Learn the Proper way-( Fiqh of Praying)  from your Imam. There can be slight difference in position of placing hands etc, according to the four school of thought which are just minor difference. It may differ due to different school of thought being followed in your Masjid. All the four School of thought are correct. Above Salah guide is according to Hanafi School of thought followed by one third of all Muslims.

You can print the pdf as cards or use them as Note. You can print 2 pages in 1 page or if you need a pocket size card, you can print 4 pages in 1 by checking your printer setting.

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Salah Flashcards to Learn Salah 6

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