Salah Tracker Calender- Free Printable

salah tracker calender

Download the Free ” Salah Tracker calender “to mark the Salah you Performed.


If Keeping a track of missed Salah is difficult for you ,Download our Free Printable on ” Salah tracker Calender ” and stick it to the Wall . This is a Monthly Calendar . The Parents/teachers can use this Salah tracker to encourage the Kids to be more Punctual in salah . I have added a Score Pattern which can help you analyse your Performance in Salah and encourage you to get a better score every month.

salah tracker calender

This Salah tracker is intended to be for Free Use . You can download and Print as many copy you Want .You can also Share it with your Friends and anybody who may find it Useful. May Allah make us Punctual in Salah and may be never miss any Salah .

Quran ad

Keep me in your Duas .

Download the FREE ”  Salah Tracking Calender” Printable Here

We , Also have Salah Tracker Journal , Which you can download here


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  1. Although your idea is good and I appreciate it but in this era of technology do you really think people will use it because there are lots of mobile application available in play store with this feature.

    • In sha Allah ,it will benefit the parents who are concerned about the islamic Parenting of their kids .The calender on the wall can encourage the siblings to compete in reading more salah and the Parents can reward the child who has the most score . I myself use a journal and a planner instead of apps in order to reduce my phone time .It definitely will benefit some,In sha Allah.

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