Quiz on Al Malaika- The Angels and their Responsibilities


The Angel who deliver the Divine Revelations from Allah (swt)

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The Angel who manage man’s mundane necessities, bring forth rain and oversee the cultivation of crops.

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Who is the Angel of Death

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Who is the Guardian of Paradise ?

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Which Angel is the guardian of Hell ?

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Which Angel will blow the trumpet on the day of resurrection?

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Which Angel Sits on man’s right shoulder to record his/her good deeds.

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Which Angels Sits on man’s left shoulder to record his/her evil deeds.

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Belief in the Angels is a fundamental part of Iman (faith)

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Quiz on Al Malaika- The Angels
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  3. Angel of Death is known as Malak Al-Mowt – Izrael is no where to be found. I answered that question knowing that it’s a common mistake by many. Allah Knows Best

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