Islamic Quiz on Angel ,Al Malaika- The Angels and their Responsibilities

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Islamic Quiz on Angel ,Al Malaika- The Angels and their Responsibilities

The Angel who deliver the Divine Revelations from Allah (swt)

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The Angel who manage man’s mundane necessities, bring forth rain and oversee the cultivation of crops.

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Who is the Angel of Death

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Who is the Guardian of Paradise ?

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Which Angel is the guardian of Hell ?

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Which Angel will blow the trumpet on the day of resurrection?

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Which Angel Sits on man’s right shoulder to record his/her good deeds.

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Which Angels Sits on man’s left shoulder to record his/her evil deeds.

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Belief in the Angels is a fundamental part of Iman (faith)

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Quiz on Angels: Al Malaika
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  1. Souda

    This is so ridiculous. You definitely know nothing about angels in Islam.

    1. Islam Hashtag

      Sorry. Some of our plugins have updated automatically and is showing the wrong answer. Please keep Sabr and check back in few days. In sha Allah we will try to fix the error.

  2. Abdulkader Kebire

    Angel of Death is known as Malak Al-Mowt – Izrael is no where to be found. I answered that question knowing that it’s a common mistake by many. Allah Knows Best

  3. Zeeshan

    Love the quizzes . Keep it up.

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