you are currently viewing saudi dress with a ‘costume birth certificate’

Saudi dress with a ‘Costume Birth Certificate’


Have you heard of a ‘Costume Birth Certificate’ ? A Saudi designer sells dresses with a ‘Costume Birth Certificate’ The dress are a modern touch to traditional Arabic dresses and a bit pricey but the designer says it is worth the price.

costume birth certificate
saudi dress with ‘costume birth certificate’
saudi dress with ‘costume birth certificate’

 Costume Birth Certificate

The dresses are designed by Saudi fashion designer Reem Esailan who is known for creating expensive, high- end dresses inspired by Saudi heritage.

She said to Arab News, “Our costumes are made of rare materials by few and skilled craftsmen who pour their heart into the very long and delicate process.

“Furthermore, our costumes are of high quality that preserves their luxury and prestige, since only those who know their worth care to wear them. They are worth it.

“I personally provide buyers with a ‘Costume Birth Certificate’ for valuable pieces to serve as a reference for them or their generations.

“This certificate serves as a description of the journey of the product from A to Z. As such, buyers will have to think twice before deciding to get rid of the piece, and they might as well appreciate the richness and histor- ical impulse it comprises,” she added.

Esailan said recently there has been a huge demand for Saudi- inspired dresses, especially during national occasions such as Saudi National Day, Saudi Flag Day, and Founding Day, “as the new generation has become curious” and wants to know about the history of the Kingdom.

“We have witnessed in recent years the beginning of the journey to search for secrets of the dresses and traditions of our ancestors. Various designs with different colors emerged and encouraged a large proportion of the new generation to learn about the arts, design, especially in the heritage field, while getting creative,” she said to Arab News.

Ref : Arab News

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