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Seerah Quiz- level 1


Who will be the only one on the Day of Resurrection - when the sun will be above our heads - not saying "Mysef, Myself", but rather "My Ummah, My Ummah"

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Who led +-17 prayers while the Prophet (saw) was ill?

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The verse "Today I have completed for you your religion & my favour upon you & chosen Islam for you as your religion" was revealed

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Where did prophet Muhammad (PBUH) hide during the first Hijrah when the Meccans were trying to kill him?

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What was prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) mother's name?

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What was the name of prophet Muhammad's (PBUH)tribe?

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When did Battle of Badr take place?

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In which year was Makkah conquered?

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Which year is called Year of Sorrow?

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Did Prophet Muhammad do the miracle of splitting the moon?

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Seerah Quiz-Level 1
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