Haram Relationship Quotes:. I was reading a book by Ibn Jawji rahimullah and was captivated with his beautiful thoughts.

He says,We have seen many people overpowered by sexual desires, squandering their lives. Some fall in haram relationship while they are unmarried while some are they who has a partner yet he falls into haram relationship. A proud person stays away from the sight of dirt, and the idea of bad manners. So he must be content with what resides inside in terms of religious values, and adequate from the outside—this way he will live with inner contentment and a sound heart (tayyib al-qalb). Seeking more will cause his heart to become further occupied, and his religiosity less powerful.

Ibn Jawji rahimullah says that haram love is shaitan’s set trap which we should be aware of. I have extracted some Haram relationship quotes from his saying which are very deep if you reflect on it. May Allah give us taufeeq and keep us guided.

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5 Haram Relationship Quotes by Ibn Jawji rahimullah. 10

Haram Relationship Quote #1

Haram Relationship Quotes

Haram relationship is a forbidden Pleasure

Haram Relationship Quote #2

Thinking of the current desires (hawa) prevent you from thinking (fikr) of the consequences of abiding to haram desires.

Haram Relationship Quotes #3

Haram Relationship Quotes

Wise is the one who preserves his religion (deen) and dignity (maru’a) by leaving the unlawful (haram), preserves his strength (quwat) for the lawful (halal) in order to spend it in pursuing virtues (talab al-fadail).

Ibn Jawji

Haram Relationship Quotes #4

Haram Relationship Quotes

Fear Allah regarding the inner feelings (sara’ir), because having a good exterior on it’s own, cannot benefit while the interior (zahir) is corrupt.

Haram Relationship Quotes #5

Haram Relationship Quotes

He who sways too much toward women will never enjoy life. And he who enjoys alcohol will never enjoy a sound mind, and he who loves wealth will be a slave to it for as long as he lives.

Conclusion- Haram relationship

Haram Relationship Quotes

Don’t stay in a Haram relationship with the intention of making it Halal someday. Allah swt loves those who do tawbah and purify themselves etc. In His eyes love to Allah swt is warding off sins and impure things etc. True love is halal pure love obtained by Nikah and its ultimate goal is pleasure of Allah swt. While haram relationship is Metaphorical love, the love that blinds and deafens you and takes you away from Allah swt.

Who was Ibn Jawzi rahimullah

Ibn al-Jawzi was born between 507–12 H./1113-19 CE to a “fairly wealthy family”in Baghdad, which “descended from Abu Bakr” radi allahu anhu . His parents proceeded to give their son a “thorough education” in all the principal disciplines of the period whence Ibn al-Jawzi had the good fortune of studying under such notable scholars of the time as Ibn al-Zāghūnī (d. 1133), Abū Bakr al-Dīnawarī (d. 1137-8), Shaiykh Saiyed Razzaq Ali Gilani (d. 1208), Abū Manṣūr al-Jawālīkī (d. 1144-5), Abu ‘l-Faḍl b. al-Nāṣir (d. 1155), Abū Ḥakīm al-Nahrawānī (d. 1161) and Abū Yaʿlā the Younger (d. 1163).

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