History of worst Stampede during Hajj(Infograph)

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Day 3:Hajj


                              STAMPEDE DURING HAJJ

A heartbreaking tragedy occured on way to jamarat,Mina on thursday,24 september 2015.717 pilgrims were killed and about 865 people were injured.The deadly stampede  become the second worst in a number of tragedies to strike the pilgrimage, surpassed only by a tunnel stampede 25 years ago.

Here is an infograph and a list of  worst Stampede in the last 40 years during Hajj.


5 worst stampede during hajj1)The worst ever was in July 2, 1990, when pilgrims stampeded in a tunnel at Mina after a ventilation system failure, 1,426 pilgrims, mainly from Asia.

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2) Thursday’s stampede on 24 sep 2015, killed  717 pilgrims and 865 more were injured, some critically.In an uncanny similarity, this year’s stampede was also preceded by another tragedy in Makkah. A total of 111 and more than 400 people, including foreign pilgrims, were killed when a crane collapsed on the circumambulation area of the Grand Mosque amid strong winds and heavy rain on September 11.

3)Third worst was in July 31, 1987, when Saudi security forces suppressed rampaging Iranian pilgrims. More than 400 people, including 275 Iranians were killed, according to an official toll.

4)Coming in fourth was another stampede on January 12, 2006, killing 364 pilgrims during the stoning ritual in Mina. Six days before that, 76 people died when a hotel collapsed in downtown Makkah.

5)The fifth worst was on April 15,1997, when a fire caused by a gas stove ripped through a camp housing pilgrims at Mina, killing 343 and injuring around 1,500.

6)6th worst in  May 24:,1990, 270 people are killed in a stampede during the stoning, an incident authorities attribute to “record numbers” of pilgrims at the site.

7)The 7th worst was on 2004 February 1: 251 people are killed in a stampede at Mina, also at the stoning of the devil.

8)8th worst on 1975,December: A huge fire started by a gas cannister exploding in a pilgrim camp close to Makkah kills 200 people

9)9th worst on 1979,November 20: Hundreds of gunmen opposed to the Saudi government barricade themselves inside the Grand Mosque, taking dozens of pilgrims hostage. The official toll of the assault and subsequent fighting is 153 people dead and 560 wounded.

10)10th worst on1998,April 9: More than 118 people were killed and 180 injured in a stampede at Mina.

11)11th worst this year,on Sep 11,2015:September 11: 109 people were killed and hundreds injured, including many foreigners, when a crane collapses on Makkah’s Grand Mosque after strong winds and heavy rain.

12)2006,January 6: 76 people died when a hotel collapses in the city center.

13) 2001,March 5: 35 pilgrims, including 23 women, died at the ritual in Mina.

14)2003February 11: 14 faithful, including six women, died on the first day of the stoning ritual.

15) 2005January 22: Three pilgrims were crushed to death in a stampede at the stoning ceremony in Mina.


May Allah grant them Jannah.Ameen.

source:Arab news

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  1. Many hajjis start their pilgrim with the wish to die in mecca or performing hajj.Allah better knows whose wishes have been fulfilled.May Allah grant them jannah.
    Despite meticulously planning and world best crowd management accidents occur.The cause of accident must be thouroughly investigated to stop recurrence of such accidents.Saudi government has made plan to inviting crores of pilgrim by 2020.This hear the pilgims were aroud 30 lakhs.The crowd management will be the greatest challange.

    In my openion the cause of accidents are sudden bowing down of any haji to pick-up something while sliding under pressure of the crowd, The man behind him falls over him and then there is a series of fall ,crying and rush in panic which causes such stampede.

    The pilgims should not be allowed to carry any thing in thier hand which can fall and wearing of slipers which slips out should be replaced with suiiable one.

    Jawed Akhtar

    • There are many people who violate rules and there are many who do hajj illigally.It has been found that about 300 iranian pilgrims had violated the rules.Having Lived in Saudi Arabia,I would never point a finger at the Saudi rules because I have seen how good they are.And totally agreed that pilgrims shouldn’t be allowed to carry anything in hand.

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