Diary of a pilgrim:Hajj Diary 2015

Hajj diary 2015



hajj diary 2015

I am standing in the blessed sanctury of Mecca,ready to Perform my Hajj .Hajj starts tomorrow on 8th of Dul Hijja,that will be 28 september 2015.I am so excited to perform my Hajj that I won’t be able to do justification with the words.It is a lifetime achievement for me..And I would like to share my feelings with you.

Today,I am standing with about 2 million people,all from different countries,different races and community but with one love and one devotion towards Allah.I can’t distinguish a king and a begger.Everyone looks the same in two pieces of white clothes.Everywhere I go,I am greeted with peace and blessings.There is a group of Volunteer ready for any sort of help.There are people distributing foods,dates,water.Everyone seems to be contended.There is no immorality,no lewdness,just the worshipper ,worshipping his creator.

I cannot just explain in words the divine aura I  feel in this place.The sight of ka’aba itself is so soothing and so pleasing to the eyes that I don’t want to move from here.I have presented myself to your call ,”My Lord”.I feel honoured to be your guest although I don’t deserve to be one.I am a sinner by Lord and I pray that you would wipe away my sins after my Hajj,In Sha Allah.Oh Allah,You have promised that if someone performs pilgrimage with no obscenity or evil Practices,he will come out as a new born baby.Oh Allah,guide me to the straight path and make me perform Hajj the way you intend me to do.

The first time I saw the crowd lined up for prayer,tears rolled off my eyes.I had never seen such a big  crowd.The people standing shoulder to shoulder invoking their lord and glorifying him and all of them falling in prostration at the same time. made my heart beat fast.And this happens five times a day, everyday.And this is happening since 1400 years.The Ka’aba is not left uncircumbulated even for a minute.And I was busy in my world doing all sorts of unproductive things.I had always neglected my salah and been negligent.Allah could have wiped me off but he has been so merciful to me.He has even called me to his house to witness a glimpse of his faithful slaves .

I have wasted my life.The shackles of money,power and fame had deterred me from my goal.I was so proud of myself as I thought I would go to jannah without doing anything.When I was busy in the pomp and luxary of my beautiful world,there were people giving everything in charity to shape their jannah.When my ears were stuffed with earphones listening to the recent blockbusters,there were people listening to the recitation of Quran.When my lips were uttering words of self praise,there were lips moistened with the dhikr of allah.I was in such a loss Wallahi !

I hope to make the best of my Hajj and Protect myself from Shaitan,the outcast.Tomorrow is the first day of Hajj and we have been advised to take rest.We were on Masjid al haram,the whole day doing Tawaf and sa’i. and reading quran.Tomorrow is the the day of Tarwiyah:In sha Allah we will leave for mina after Isha prayers.That’s all for today,meet you tomorrow.

My Hajj Diary:

Day 1.:Day of Tarwiyah

Day 2:Day of Arafat (Yaumul Wuquf)

Day 2:Changing of Kiswa(video)




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