Day 1 :Day of Tarwiyah


Day of Tarwiyah is the first Day of Hajj . It is officially the first day of Hajj and falls on 8th Dhul Hijja . It is also known in Arabic as Yawm at-Tarwiyah or “the day of fetching water and quenching the thirst.”

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So, Today is the day of Tarwiyah ,the first day of Hajj.Hajj is of three types (1)Hajj Tamattu: Doing Hajj and Umrah in different Ihram (2)Hajj Qiran:Doing Hajj and Umrah in same Ihram “(3)Hajj Ifrad: Doing Hajj alone.Since I am doing Hajj Tamamttu,I   woke up early in the morning,wore my Ihram,and read the fajr salah in congregation.We made the intention of Hajj .we were asked to stand facing the Qibla and everyone recited the Talbiyah of hajj loud.


Do you know what is the meaning of this talbiyah

meaning of talbiyah

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We arrived in the tent of Mina ,late at night..Mina is 8 km from mecca,but because of the rush of pilgrims it took us about 3-4 hours to get to our tent. Mina is the city of tents.Tents in such a large number,probably (1, lakh) is hardly seen in any city.I would like to appreciate the Hajj authority,their crowd management is the best in the world. There are boy scouts ready to sort out any matter and help the pilgrims.We are required to stay one night in Mina and we will be heading for Arafat early in the morning .

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We took rest for sometimes in our fully air-conditioned tent,we were given our lunch and were asked to remain in the camps and pray.We read Quran,we recited the talbiyah loud,It has become so easy these days,to spend a day in Mina. The saudi government has facilitated the Hajj and made things so easy.In earlier times,Hajj was full of hardships.See How the hajj has changed over the years .Pilgrims used to walk and walk,they would get short of food and water,they would stand in the scorching sun.But thankfully we are blessed .Oh Allah! I am your slave.My heart,my tongue,my limbs are your slave and I intend to make my heart strong with your love,your remembrance,your fear.Oh Allah give me patience and give me sincerity.All I do is for your pleasure alone.Oh Allah,make my tongue your slave,and establish in it your remembrance. Make me speak good and pleasing words.Make not my tongue a sword that would slit my own neck one day.I have firm belief on you.I am subdued to your supreme authority and power.You are the king.Make my hajj easy and acceptable and do not let shaitan deceive me. Verily shaitan is my worst enemy,grant me refuge,My lord.

Today,we will be spending the whole day in Mina. We are reading shortened prayer(Kasr prayer),in our obligatory salah. I am feeling very lucky to be a guest of Allah.In Sha Allah,I would take these memories back and would never forget the lessons I have learnt here.Oops! it has started raining…

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