Are you searching for Some Good Islamic Apps?

Are you searching for Some good Islamic apps for your laptop or your iphone and ipads?Look no further.We list to you some free Islamic apps for which you are going to thank me for Sure.I keep trying variety of Apps and this list tops my Recommendation of Must have Islamic Apps.

1)Islamic Calender

If you need a Hijri Calender for your device.This is a light app which does its job in a Perfect can conver the georgin calender to Hijri calender and vice-versa.

Quran learning
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Islamic calendar or Hijri calendar is a lunar calendar used to date events in many predominantly Muslim countries, and used by Muslims everywhere to determine the proper day on which to celebrate Islamic holy days and festivals.

It has :

  • Stand Clock with Hijri and Gregorian date display.
  • Date converter from Hijri to Gregorian and vice versa.
  • Shows you the moon phase for any given date.
  • Display major Islamic events/festivals on Gregorian dates for the current year.
  • Automatic Hijri day adjusting.
  • English and Arabic interface based on your device language.

2)Quran Majeed Free Edition – Muslim Prayer Times – Qibla Compass Islam

This App is One in all app.if you don’t want a different app for adhan alarm,Qibla direction,Quran translation,,Quran Memorisation assistant you can download this free app.It is my most recommended one in all App.


7 Must have Free Islamic Apps 12
  • It has Worldwide Prayer Times clock with Azan/Adhan alarm options. Supports different prayer time calculation methods. Qibla direction. Ramadan Sehar/Iftar times
  • Four English translations (Pickthal, Dr. Mohsin, Mahmood & Yusuf Ali) and forty-five language translations of quran
  • It has an Option to display any translation along with full Arabic text in hi-resolution, Retina graphics in both portrait and landscape viewing. Supports pinch/zoom feature for changing font size.
  • It also has Advanced audio options to help with memorization (repetition of ayah, Surah, number of repetitions, interval, and recitation speed).
  • Highly advanced “Search” feature help you with searching any word (search exact word, affixes or all roots) in the Arabic text, any of the translations and English Tafsir.
  • There is an option of highlighting Quranic Aya and word during recitation.
  • Background audio recitation playback support during standby & multi-tasking with complete support for iPod remote control is superb.
  • It has beautiful arabic script with Scalable format
  • Audio repitation for Hifz Memorisation is oe more plus point of this app.
  • It is Available  in different languages such as English,Urdu and french

3)Islamic Compass Free – Prayer Times and Adhan Alarm

If You need Only the Adhan Alarm and Qibla Compass,then this app is for you.

Islamic Compass will tell you when and to which direction to pray. It includes a beautiful compass always pointing to Makkah from any position in the world and it plays an adman when it’s time to pray at your location!

  •  You DO NOT need a data connection to use Islamic Compass!
  • It calculates Prayer Times using GPS positioning .
  • You Don’t need to make any setting adjustment and covers most of the cities
  • It has Adhan Alarms that can get you ready for the Prayer
  • It has  Unique adhan Player with which you can listen to Adhan any time.
  • Everything is customisable to our needs


4)Eqra’a Quran Reader

And If You just need a Simple Mushaf fo your iphone or laptop,You can Download this app for free.

7 Must have Free Islamic Apps 13
  • It has a Mushaf to read Quran
  • It does the Purpose it is designed for.It gives us a Mushaf to read without the need to manage lots of adjustment.
  • It is available in different Languages : English, Arabic, Japanese
  • Can be downloaded for iphone,ipads and laptops

5)Islamic Stories of Sahabas (Companions of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)) for Muslim & Non Muslims – Islam

It has stories of 31 sahabas which are ideal bedtime Islamic story for kids.It covers the stories of 31 great Sahabas and the stories are short and exact.It is a shhortcut to learn about the life of Sahabas and this is also one of my favourite app.

  • The First Caliph, Abu Bakr (R.A.)
    2. The Second Caliph, Umar (R.A.
    3. The Third Caliph, Uthman (R.A.)
    4. The Fourth Caliph, Ali (R.A.)
    5. Hamza (R.A)
    6. Bilaal (R.A)
    7. Khalid ibn al-Walid (R.A)
    8. Abbad Ibn Bishr (R.A.)
    9. Abdullah Ibn Jahsh (R.A.)
    10. Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (R.A.)
    11. Abdullah Ibn Umar (R.A.)
    12. Abdullah Ibn Umm Maktum (R.A.)
    13. Abdullah ibn Abbas (R.A.)
    14. Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari (R.A.)
    15. Abu Dharr Al-Ghifari (R.A.)
    16. Abu Hurayrah (R.A.)
    17. Abu Musa Al-Ashari (R.A.)
    18. Abu Ubaydah ibn Al-Jarrah (R.A.)
    19. Abu-d Dardaa (R.A.)
    20. Asmaa Bint Abu Bakr (R.A.)
    21. Habib Ibn Zayd Al-Ansari (R.A.)
    22. Ikrimah Ibn Abi Jahl (R.A.)
    23. Muadh Ibn Jabal (R.A.)
    24. Musab Ibn Umayr (R.A.)
    25. Ramlah Bint Abi Sufyan (R.A.)
    26. Rumaysa Bint Milhan (R.A.)
    27. Sad Ibn Abi Waqqas (R.A.)
    28. Salman al-Farsi (R.A.)
    29. Suhayl Ibn Amr (R.A.)
    30. Ubayy Ibn Kab (R.A.)
    31. Uqbah Ibn Aamir (R.A.) 

6)Hadith Collection (Sahih Al Bukhari, Sahih Muslim & More Islamic Collection) – Islam

You Must have heard about Kutub al Sitta(6 Books of authentic Hadeeths).This app is a beautiful free gift to the Muslims and it has lots of features;

With this Free App you can  get Free Access to:
– 40 Hadith Qudsi
– Sunnah’s of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)
– 40 Hadith An-Nawawi
– Muwatta Malik
– Sahih al-Bukhari
– Sahih Muslim
– Sunan Abu Dawud
– Sunan an-Nasa’i
– Jami at-Tirmidhi (Partial Collection)
– Sunan Ibn Majah (Partial Collection)
– Riyad as-Salihin
– Shama’il Muhammadiyah

● It has Daily Hadith Reminder which reminds you to read one Hadith every day from a collection of over 300+ Hadiths carefully chosen to enlighten you for the day!
● Beautiful and easy to use interface that lets you read, organise and share the Hadiths

● Import and Export Data (Bookmarks, Tags and Notes) between iPhones, iPad and Mac in the Hadith Collection app.And You can share the Hadeeth too.

7)The Sira – Story of Prophet Muhammad 

If You want to talk about Muhammad (pbuh) with your little Kid and you don’t know how to introduce him to Islam,this is an app for you.With this app you can teach your children the story of the Prophet of Islam in an interactive and engaging way. Your kid will learn positive values like trustworthiness, honesty and many other such values. It is a perfect app to encourage a discussion between parents and kids about Prophet Muhammad (s). This is an app that every parent should have

  • All content has been approved by Awqaf Abu Dhabi and National Media Council UAE.
  • The Sira App consists of eleven episodes full of dramatic and authentic events from the Prophet’s life (Sira).You get the first one for free
  • It has
    – Stunning visuals and interactive elements
    – Specially composed music (with the option of switching off)
    – Every character has his/her own voice-over
    – Innovative interface
    – Authentic events from the Sira
  • Note: Prophet Muhammad (s), his wives, and the ten companions promised Paradise including Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman, Ali (ra) have not been illustrated.

Do try these free apps and leave me a message if you like them.