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Sunnah Recommended Food in Pregnancy :The best food for pregnancy

Whatever the mother eats, drinks or breathes during pregnancy, Allāh (SWT) also allots it to the child.”It is therefore very important that the mother takes care with the food that she eats.What appears to be the case that the view of those among the early generations who said that could only be based on experience and custom.

For example, Medical research has determined that fresh dates contain a substance that contracts the uterus and strengthens uterine muscles, and helps with childbirth; it also reduces the amount of bleeding that occurs after childbirth.Similarly, they also contain a high amount of simple sugars that are easily digested, which is a basic source of energy and is important and beneficial for the muscles, especially the uterine muscles which play a big role during childbirth.

Cure of diseases through medicinal plant is always a salient feature of Islamic teaching and preaching. Islamic medicine started from Hazrat Adam (A.S.) and was completed at Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) but search and compiling of these medicines is still continued through out the world (Nasr, 1976).

The Sunnah recommended food in Pregnancy is halaal and tayyib food earned with halaal income.

Allah says, “He says: ‘O messengers, eat from the good foods and work righteousness. Indeed, I, of what you do, am Knowing’ [al-Mu’mineen 23:51]”

12 Sunnah recommended food in Pregnancy 20

Here are scientific benefits of some foods that can be eaten during Pregnancy It is recommended to eat the following foods during pregnancy in moderate amount.

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Sunnah Recommended Food in Pregnancy :The best food for pregnancy

1. Dates

Healthy Food in Pregnancy from Sunnah Persperactive

There are Various narration which clearly indicated that dates are the best food during Pregnancy and after Childbirth.

“Quran: A voice called out to her from under her: “Do not grieve! Your Lord has placed a small stream at your feet. Shake the trunk of the palm toward you, and fresh, ripe dates will drop down to you. Eat and drink and delight your eyes …” (Surah Maryam: 24‐26)

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Al-Fadl ibn Dakeen narrated in his book as-Salaah (p. 129) that ar-Rabee‘ ibn Khuthaym said: In my view there is no remedy for women in nifaas like fresh dates.

Similarly, they also contain a high amount of simple sugars that are easily digested, which is a basic source of energy and is important and beneficial for the muscles, especially the uterine muscles which play a big role during childbirth.

Scientific benefits of Dates in Pregnancy:

Dates are rich sources of proteins, fiber and many vitamins, while being very low in fat. They contain a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber and thus are helpful in maintaining your digestive system. Dates have a good amount of natural sugars. They are rich in potassium and low in sodium, and thus help regulate the nervous system. Infact Dates contain thirteen elements of vital importance, and five types of vitamins, making it a rich food. The calcium in dates is essential for firming bones, the phosphorus for forming the brain and preventing weakness of the nerves and tiredness, and the potassium for preventing wounds/sores in the stomach.

2. Fig

Fig Fruits, varieties, production, seasonality | Libertyprim

Are figs good for pregnant women?

It  Has been mentioned and sworn upon in the Quran.“In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. by the fig and the olive! “

Note: It is not recommended for those with Diabetes Mellitus, stomach or intestine disorders, or overweight people. Overeating also causes problems for the stomach and eyes; however, eating celery neutralises these effects.

Scientific benefits of Figs in Pregnancy:

A serving of three figs contain five grams of fiber. They also have a good amount of calcium, zinc, potassium, and iron and are therefore a very good option to be included in a pregnancy diet. The potassium content in figs is more than in bananas, which are so commonly praised for that mineral attribute.

3)Olive and Olive oil

Healthy Food in Pregnancy from Sunnah Persperactive

Olive is one of the food by which Allah swears by in the Quran. Allah says :
a)“Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The parable of His Light is as (if there were) a niche and within it a lamp, the lamp is in glass, the glass as it were a brilliant star, lit from a blessed tree, an olive, neither of the east (i.e., it neither gets sun‐rays only in the morning) nor of the west (i.e., nor does it get sun‐rays only in the afternoon – but it is exposed to the sun all day long), whose oil would almost glow forth (of itself), though no fire touched it. Light upon Light! Allah guides to His Light whom He wills. And Allah sets forth parables for mankind, and Allah is All‐Knower of everything.” [al‐Nur 24:35]

b)”And thereby he brings forth crops and olives, palms and vines, and all the fruits. surely, in this there is a sign for a nation who think.”

Scientific benefits of Olives in Pregnancy:

olive oil not only provides enough essential fatty acids for the development of the new-born child; its ratio of linoleic acid to linolenic acid (essential fatty acids) is similar to that of breast milk. The beneficial effect of oleic acid lasts beyond pregnancy.

4. Pomegranate

Healthy Food in Pregnancy from Sunnah Persperactive

Quran is another food that is mentioned in Quran and has immense medical benefits.Allah says in Quran,”He produces gardens, both cultivated and wild, and palm‐trees and crops of diverse kinds, and olives and pomegranates, both similar and dissimilar. Eat of their fruits when they bear fruit, pay their due on the day of their harvest, and do not be profligate. He does not love the profligate. (Surat al‐An’am: 141)

Scientific benefits of Pomegranates in Pregnancy:

Pomegranates contain a number of phytochemical compounds, which have been proven to be good for your heart. They may help lower blood pressure, which is great news if you’re in the later stages of pregnancy or suffering from pre-eclampsia when your blood pressure is likely to be elevated. Rich in vitamin C, pomegranates are excellent for the immune system and when your body is busy growing your baby, it needs all the extra immunity it can get. Studies have shown that eating pomegranate has a positive effect on bone health and density – perfect for giving your developing baby a boost. Pomegranates contain more antioxidants than cranberries and green tea, making them ideal for all-round health and nutrition.  – See more at:

5. Qawoot

Qawoot is a powder made by grinding and sifting the following ingredients in relative quantities: Roasted wheat, Roasted Barley, Roasted Sun-flower seeds, Roasted Water melon seeds, Roasted Melon seeds, Roasted Roasted Deep Ribbed melon seeds, Roasted Purslane seeds, Roasted Coriandor, Roasted Hemp-seeds, Roasted Fennel seeds, Roasted poppy seeds, Roasted Peas, Sesame, Pistachio, Coffee, Cardamon, Cinamon, Almond, Sugar.

As this mixture is not readily available in most countries, it is suggested that the above contents are eaten on their own, e.g. pistachios and almonds.

6. Quince

Healthy Food in Pregnancy from Sunnah Persperactive

a. Is a cause of strength of the heart, cleanliness of the stomach, clearness of the mind and bravery and beauty of the child.
b. Gives lustre to the heart, and cures the inner pains (with the permission of Allāh (SwT) ).
e. It is narrated from the Prophet (S) : “Eating quince makes the colour of the skin clear and full of freshness, and makes the child of a person beautiful and healthy as well.”
Quince contains Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C, magnesium and phosphorus.

Ibn Al Qayyim (rahimullah) however does mention the Quince as being a fruit of benefit in his work entitled ‘At Tibb an Nabawi’ and therein says that the nature of Quince is cold and dry and that it benefits the stomach and its jam benefits the heart.

He said that all varieties of this fruit quench the thirst, stop vomiting through the reduction of nausea, increase the excretion of urine, benefit in treating ulcers of the stomach.

7. Watermelon

Watermelon for Babies - First Foods for Baby - Solid Starts

benefits of Watermelon in Pregnancy:

watermelon is richer than tomatoes in lycopene, an antioxidant that protects against cancer and cardiovascular disease, boosts the body’s immunity to infections and naturally raises the skin’s SPF, according to Steven Pratt, M.D., author of SuperFoods Rx (HarperCollins, 2003).

Even better news for pregnant women: A 2003 study in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics found that daily lycopene supplements reduced the incidence of preeclampsia by 50 percent. Test subjects were given 4 milligrams of lycopene; a single serving of watermelon can have triple that amount. What’s more, scientists have discovered that watermelon is packed with vitamins A, C and B6, as well as potassium and magnesium. These nutrients are important for the development of your baby’s vision, brain, nervous and immune systems, and more. For you, potassium regulates water balance in the blood and body tissues during pregnancy. And you get all these benefits for less than 50 calories per cup.


Healthy Food in Pregnancy from Sunnah Persperactive

The worst vessel to fill is the stomach, but leave one-third for food, one-third for water, and one-third for air. Water is a cure of almost all disease and is one of the element to keep our body healthy.

He sends down water from the sky. From it you drink, and from it come the shrubs among which you graze your herds. By it He makes crops grow for you, as well as olives and dates and grapes and fruit of every kind. There is certainly a Sign in that for people who reflect. (Surat An‐Nahl: 10‐11)

Al-Miqdam ibn Ma’d reported: I heard the Messenger of Allah, sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, saying, “There is no vessel which the son of Adam can fill more evil than his stomach, for it is sufficient for him to take a few mouthfuls in order to straighten his back; but if he must, then fill one-third with food, one-third with drink, and one-third with breath.”
[Sunan ibn Majah, Book of Eating, Number 3349, Sahih]

Scientific benefits of  Drinking Water in Pregnancy:

During pregnancy, blood volume increases by up to 1.5 liters. Therefore, it is important to stay properly hydrated The fetus usually gets everything it needs, but if you don’t watch your water intake, you may become dehydrated.Symptoms of mild dehydration include headaches, anxiety, tiredness, bad mood and reduced memory Furthermore, increasing water intake may help relieve constipation and reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, which are common during pregnancy


8 Things NOT to Clean With Vinegar

It was narrated that Jabir (r.a) said:
۞ “I entered the house of the Prophet with him and there was some bread and vinegar. The Messenger of Allah said: ‘Eat; what a good condiment is vinegar.’”
(Sunan an-Nasa’i, The Book of Oaths and Vows, Book 35, Hadith 36, Grade: Sahih by Darussalam)


Which milk is right for you? - BBC Good Food

We all know the health benefit of Milk. It is also mentioned in the Quran as a blessing to Mankind.

“There is lesson for you in cattle. From the contents of their bellies, between that which is to be eliminated (from the animal’s body) and (its) blood, We give you pure milk to drink, easy for drinkers to swallow.  (Surat an‐Nahl: 66)

Scientific benefits of Drinking Milk in Pregnancy:

Milk and other dairy products provide significant nutrients for pregnant women. While it is possible to obtain the nutrients in milk from other sources, milk consumption in pregnancy has been associated with better pregnancy outcomes in clinical research. According to USDA recommendations, pregnant women should consume three cups of milk or other dairy products each day.

11 )Honey

Healthy Food in Pregnancy from Sunnah Persperactive

There is infact a whole Surah on the name of a Bee .It is such a blessed and Miraculous food no doubt it has lots of health benefits because ,

Allah the Almighty says in Quran;  “Your Lord revealed to the bees: “Build dwellings in the mountains and the trees, and also in the structures which men erect. Then eat from every kind of fruit and travel the paths of your Lord, which have been made easy for you to follow.” From inside them comes a drink of varying colours, containing healing for mankind. There is certainly a Sign in that for people who reflect”  (16: 68)

Scientific benefits of Honey in Pregnancy:

Honey  possesses natural antibiotic properties.It has the ability to reduce allergic reactions.It has also been found to reduce and inhibit the growth of H. Pyroli, a bacterium that is known to cause ulcers.Honey also possesses natural analgesic action, which makes it a great natural remedy for burns.Honey is a healthy and natural sweetener, which is perfect for those aiming to keep their weight in check.

12 ) The Green Vegetables and Lentils

Allah replaced the divine food from heaven with the vegetables,the lentils ,the cucumber and the onion . So, they definately must have rich nutrients which would benefit our body and help us survive.

And (remember) when you said, “O Mûsâ (Musa)! we cannot endure one kind of food. So invoke your Lord for us to bring forth for us of what the earth grows, its herbs, its cucumbers, its Fûm (wheat or garlic), its lentils and its onions.” He said, “Would you exchange that which is better for that which is lower? (2:61)

Scientific benefits of Consuming Vegetables and lentils in Pregnancy:

The nutrient contents of different types of vegetables vary considerably and they are not major source of carbohydrates compared to starchy foods which form the bulk of food eaten, but contain vitamins, essential amino acids as well as minerals and antioxidants. Vegetables are included in meals mainly for their nutritional values; however some are reserved for sick and convalescence because of their medicinal properties.

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