Hajj Packing list and a checklist for Umrah

hajj packing list and checklist

A Smart Packing list for Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims

The importance of early and adequate preparation of Hajj cannot be over-emphasized. There is a considerable investment of money, time, and physical effort required for the Pilgrimage to be fulfilling and meaningful during the Hajj. Information has to be collected, itineraries must be worked out, and documents have to be readied.

The excitement of going to Mecca comes with a nervousness of planning for it.We have Compiled a list of things you might be needing for your Hajj and Umrah to Mecca  .  You can use this list to plan your gifts for your friend and Relatives going for Hajj.

Hajj Packing List- See More

Important Documents:-

  1. Passport
  2. Id Card
  3. Tickets
  4. Hotel Booking Reciept
  5. Bank Draft of Hajj Payment
  6. Important Phone Numbers in a Diary
  7. Passport Size photos
  8. Relationship certificate (for Women travelling with Mahram)
  9. Prescription of  Medicines you are using.

Books and Printables

  1. Free Hajj guide Pamplet
  2. A list of one minute short Dua
  3. A list of useful Arabic Words,phrases and Arabic Numbers
  4. Hajj and Umrah Guide
  5. Pocket Quran
  6. Book of Dua

Ihram and accessories

  1. Ihram
  2. Ihram Belt
  3. Prayer beads
  4. Hijab and Abaya(Women)
  5. Headscarf (Women)
  6. Hajj Safe Anti theft Money belt
  7. Secure hajj and Umrah Neck bag
  8. Pocket Size Prayer mat
  9. Tasbeeh
  10. Leather Khuff Socks
  11. Comfortable Slippers
  12. Towels/Sheets
  13. Wudhu waterbottle-travel Reusable foldable
  14. goggles and Umbrellas
  15. Zipper bag to keep stones for Zamarat
  16. Sleeping Bag (optional)

Personal Toilet Kit

  1. Hajj and Umrah Unscented alcohol free Soap Kit
  2. Unscented tissues and Wipes
  3. Unscented lipbalm
  4. halal ,unscented Mosturiser
  5. Toothbrush,toothPaste
  6. Unscented Soap and Shampoo
  7. Regular Shampoo for non Ihram days
  8. Scissors , Nail Clippers and ear Pad
  9. Sanitary Napkins and liners (Women)
  10. Sunscreen
  11. Dry Tissues

First aid Kit

  1. Prescription Medicines
  2. General Medicines like :Brufen ,Tylenol,Panadol,Cataflam/ Voltral ,Something for stomach ,Voltral/ moov gel ,Ansaid(or any other for tooth pain)
  3. Band -Aids
  4. Cotton
  5. lubricating eye drops

Electronics and Currency

  1. Money in Saudi rial
  2. Mobile /tab
  3. Charger
  4. headphone
  5. small torch
  6. alarm clock
  7. 3-2 Pin adaptor

One more thing you must have is to download this free app for Navigation in Grand Mosque (Haram sharif)-Mecca.This App works without Internet and can help you locate important places in Haram .Check this out.

If you have already packed for Hajj ,Congrats ! If You need help getting things, I have compiled a list of useful things you will need for hajj with a link to buy them so that you do not have to rush for shopping in the last Moment .

Ihram for Hajj and Umrah

Ihram for the perform of Hajj @ Umrah

Ihram is unsewn white clothes that you wrap around your body during Hajj. Pilgrims are not allowed to wear sewn clothes during the hajj rituals so make sure that the Ihram clothes you are buying are of good quality and not transparent.It is recommended to get two pairs of Ihram in case one gets dirty.You can buy special Ihram belts which can hold your money,Mobile ,important documents and book of Duas.

If you haven’t purchased your Ihram yet,you can get them delievered at your house within days.You can order them here


Ihram Belts

The Hajj Safe Anti-Theft Waist Bag has been designed for pilgrims who are looking for a waist bag that is safe (safety) and secure (security). It can be used to carry their most important travel items e.g. passports, money, mobile phone and many other items. These bags are better than leather bags. These bags are wire reinforced making them slash proof. This is important as there have been many cases were people have had their bags cut and stolen during tawaf around the kabab in Makkah. Hajj Safe Waist Bags are Anti-Theft Hajj Waist bags making them slash proof for Hajj and Umrah. They can be worn over the Ihram or used as a belt to hold the Ihram up.

Buy them here

Hajj Safe – Hajj & Umrah Travel Neck Bag 

Secure Hajj/Umrah Travel Neck Bags are for both Men and Women  .It is the ultra slim, secure Hajj and Umrah Neck Bag designed especially for women who are traveling for Hajj or Umrah. This secure Neck bag has 3 zipped pockets for you to carry all of your most important items safely while you perform one of the most life changing experiences of Hajj or Umrah. Hajj and Umrah Bag For Women The size of this secure Neck bag is 13cm x 14cm and it is big enough to carry your mobile phone, money, pocket dua book, earphones and more.


This Neck bag has both a secure neck and chest strap that will be helpful for the pilgrim (women) when they perform salah (pray) as it will ensure that the bag remains in place. It also has a breathable mesh back panel as Makkah and Madina are very hot cities and it will help the pilgrim when they perspire. The secure zipped pockets will keep all of your valuable items secure and safe from any potential pickpockets. The Neck bag can be worn under the Hijab or over the clothes, it is discrete and very light. Multiple Pockets: 3 zipped pockets plus 1 open pocket. You are able to hold all your valuable belongings in one place, including your money, mobile phone, and precious dua books. Chest Strap – Adjustable & removable: The Chest Strap allows the pilgrim to pray (salah) without the bag getting in the way. The chest strap also gives extra security from being lost or even stolen. The strap can be adjusted to the preferred size, and can be removed when it is not needed. Adjustable Neck Strap: All straps is made from strong webbing for extra security.You can buy them here

Hajj Sidebag

hajj packing list



This bag fits snuggly up against your body and looks great doing it! The slash-proof construction and adjustable, cut-proof shoulder strap is great, you can attach it to any chair for added safety and convenience. Also comes with an RFID blocking card slots as well as a handy removable LED light. For more than 35 years, Travelon has been making travel easier and safer with products that provide protection, peace-of-mind, safety, security and organization.

Travelon’s Anti-Theft Crossbody and travel bags protect from pickpockets and thieves and are customer top rated. Classic silhouettes in soft fabrics provide great function and fashion . This can be used by both Men and Women and are much more spacious than the above hajj safe anti theft bag.You can order them here to get them delivered at your doorsteps

Unscented Halal Lip Balm

hajj kit

Lip Balm is one of those things which you must Pack for Hajj . Yiou can consider buying these halal certified unscented lip balm at only $3

Hajj and Umrah Unscented Wipes

Pack these  Unscented Wipes .You will need them .You can get one here


Fortress of the Muslim: Invocations from the Qur’an & Sunnah

After you have decided the bag you will be carrying to Hajj,you need to pack for it.One book that is most recommended to anyone either going to Hajj or Otherwise is the book Fortress of the Muslim.

This compact paperback easily fits into one’s shirt pocket for handy reference. It contains 267 prayers, supplications or invocations that Muslims may recite. They are divided into 132 different “subject” chapter-categories, hence, if you wanted to say a couple of `closing prayers’ after you had said your main prayer, 7 short closing prayers are included in the “What to say after completing the prayer” section. Invocations include: after waking up, absolution, entering/leaving the mosque, getting dressed, entering/leaving the bathroom, before/after eating, bad dreams, against an enemy, against some sin, ruka, distractions by Satan during prayer, burials or visiting the graveyard, the ill, threats from thunder or lightning, childrens’ health, weddings, False Messiah, the Evil Eye, and much more. Each prayer is provided in both Arabic and English – which is useful for non-Muslims to develop some understanding as to how Muslims use prayers for protection and supplication to Allah

Order this Book here

Pocket Quran

Haram Sharif has lots of Quran in the shelf alhumdulillah and you do not have to worry about reading Quran inside Haram Sharif.But due to the huge crowd,sometimes you may need to offer prayer outside Haram Sharif. And In Mina, Arafat and other Places,carrying your Own Pocket Quran is life saving.Hajj is once in a lifetime journey and You do not want to regret anything.So Pack Your Pocket Quran for Hajj.

Here is a Pocket  Size high quality Egyptian  Quran With Protective Leather And Zippered Case . It is written in Uthmani script in a clear easy to read Text. And you can order them online


Hajj and Umrah Guide


Hajj is a lifetime journey.You have been Planning for your Hajj for years.By Now You may have attended Hajj sessions,lectures and probably have googled everything on Hajj.If you are still feeling nervous It means that these is something still missing.We would like to Suggest you a guide Book for hajj and Umrah.

The book makes Hajj and Umrah very simple. No need to worry about getting lost on the process of Hajj or Umrah this book gives you step-by-step instruction with pictures makes everything easy. Quite interestingly the book not only prepares you to do Hajj and Umrah but also encourages you to recite the exact during each process, in Arabic and English. But I think what makes this book stand the most is all picture of place one will visit not only you will know the place you are at but it can be a big help if your lost during the trip.

About this Book: This Book is written in a very Interesting format.It shows the maps of over 30 landmarks of Madina Munawarrah and describes the journey with  Personification of the details.It also has walking maps for Hajj stations and also has a planner charts.Historical pIctures of Mecca and Madina are also Included.What I like more about this book is the 3D Map of jannatul baqi with the biography of many sahabas who are buried in It.

This book is small, light weight and can be carried in a travel waist pouch and is  Perfect Companion for the Hajj and Umrah pilgrim.If You want to get this book.You can buy It Here.

Hajj and Umrah First Aid Kit


Accidents can happen anytime,anywhere.So Always carry a handy Medical Kit with you. MediSpor 100-Piece First Aid Kit, Red Hard Case.

If the case is compact and Portable with well organised pocket ,It will be the best Kit to take to Hajj.If you want such Kit, you can get it here


Khuff Socks

Khuff socks are a real help in Hajj and Umrah as they protect the feet from Scorching heat.Another big advantage of these Khuff Socks are that you do not need to wash your feet once you have worn it after ablution.Just wipe over It and done.Some People break their wudu often and are seeing doing wudu with little water from zamazam cans.These khuff socks are a rescue in such situations a you do not need to wash the feets.

The Khuff Socks are also Known by the names khuff Shoes Slippers ,Indoor/House -Khuff Khuffain Kuff Kuffain -Indoor / House Shoes / Slippers/ Mosque .If you want to buy these khuff socks,We would recommend the Egyptian brand as the excel in quality.

Available for both Mena and Women and in different sizes,you can get these Socks here.


Fragrance Free Hajj & Umrah Kit 



All personal care products in this kit are certified halal and shari’a compliant for use during the Hajj and Umrah.(Read the significance of using Halal Cosmetics) Each product is guaranteed to be odor-free, alcohol free, and free from animal ingredients. All ingredients used in the formulation of these products are 100% derived from natural plant or plant-based material. This certified Halal and Shariah-compliant for Hajj and Umrah travel kit includes: · Conditioning Shampoo · Face & Body Wash · Hand & Body Lotion · Deodorant · Hand Sanitizer Each product is guaranteed all-natural and made from plant or plant-based ingredients. Each product is unscented, dye-free, alcohol-free and free from any animal ingredients. All products also comply with TSA (Transportation Security Administration) requirements for carry-on liquids and gels.

If You want One.You can buy them here

The Ablution Solution Wudu Water Bottle:

The Wudu bottle is a fantastic way to perform istinja (washing of private areas) and freshening up. It stands like a bottle when full and rolls up when empty! With the Wudu bottle you can also wash away these worries: – No more hygiene issues at work or out and about – No more delaying the prayer, due to lack of Wudu (ablution before prayer) – No more embarrassing containers, just fold-and-go anywhere, anytime – No more hiding, easily slips into pockets & purses .

PRODUCT FEATURES – Reusable – Foldable – Dishwasher safe – Clip handle to easily clip on to belt loops, bags etc. or to use it to secure the bottle when rolled up – Spout allows for more accurate cleaning – Range of colours for all the family – Capacity 0.5 litre / 16 oz Length of container (not including the lid): approx 22cm Width: approx 12cm

If you want One,you can buy them here

Foldable Prayer Mat

Pocket Portable Travel Prayer rug Carpet Islamic Gebetsteppich Musallah Muslim 374


It is smart to pack your Own Prayer Mat. Ofcourse the whole praying area in the Harem and other mosques are floored with Prayer Mat but still prayer Mat are a life saver if you have dust allergy and in unavoidable circumstances when you may have to pray outside the floored Prayer Mats.

If you haven’t yet got yourself a simple and high quality Prayer Mat,you may like to read this article on Prayer Mat on how to choose for yourself the best quality turkish and the persian Prayer rugs .

If you want to get these foldable pocket Prayer Mats.You can buy them here.

One Piece Hajj and Umrah Hijab

Amade Muslim Women's One-piece Prayer Dress Abaya Set for Hajj Umrah



Not all of us have an experience wearing an Abaya. Right?A One Piece Prayer are the best option in such cases and otherwise. Abaya or Hijab are to be worn over your usual dress and they give a good Coverage.In the heat of the summer of saudi Arabia.you would like to choose a beathable,soft and light abaya.

The best part of these One piece Abaya is that they are available  in both black and white colours. You do not get this product everywhere.If you want to buy them,you can buy them online .

Here is the link to Purchase them.


Other Useful links:

Download free apps,books,pamplets and talbiya for Hajj

check the blessed spot on masjid nabawi,where you should make sure to read the salah.

You can check these places in madina,which are of special significance.

And these Ziyarah places in Mecca

Hope you found this list Useful. Have a Productive  and Safe Hajj.

Jazak Allah Khair.







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